Cannot load tracks from files (not crates)

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I just got myself the MC7000 and as of now, wow, what a nice piece of equipment. So I can load tracks from my crates with the Select/Load knob but cannot load tracks from files. Any idea what I am doing wrong? I used to have the MC6000MK2 and could do it directly on the controller.

Thank you in advance for your help.

No ides guys?

Same thing is happening to me too…Probably it’s how it works?

I’m not understanding this part of the question. If others feel the same, that may be why the thread has had few replies.


I have the same problem. I think it’s a problem with the MIDI MAPPING. I Don’t have this problem with another controleur I’m latest firmware because i’m using MAC and PC

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When you use Browse files in Serato and you press the knob that is loading a track the the dedicated deck the ttrack is not loading to any deck. If you use the knob inside a crate the track is loading but not when you browse your hard drive files through serato.

This a problem and it needs to be fixed.

And it’s a problem with software, not hardware. It’s a problem with the way Serato mapped the controller to their software so go to Serato forum and/or support and make a bug report. Native SDJ mappings are done by Serato, not by hardware manufacturers. That’s why you get these different behaviours with different controllers from the same brand (MC7000/MCX8000).

I think Denon and Serato worked together to create a controller dedicated to Serato. So as I can understand if we found a bug regarding the mapping of the MC7000 it’s not ours but Denons job to communicate with Serato to fix a problem which they both responsible. In the end we bought MC7000 with Serato not the opposite. They are responsible for their products and if their costumers are complaining about a real problem they need to do their best to solve it.

Yes, and as I said Serato does the mapping part. Don’t you agree that your complaint would carry more weight if posted there directly than passed by some inMusic staff?

I defo agree. any midi controller is just a sort of computer keyboard with 50 or whatever buttons on it. the controller doesnt know how to do function A or function B and so on, it just sends a number to the DJ software to say that button 23 has been pressed or that slider 44 has been moved.

Very much down to serato to improve as they included mc7000 in their build of serato software, so they can tweak their next build, or the build after or so on, so that files from folders or crates can load.

Serato’s Support answer.

Hi there, Did this work differently for you in previous versions? From my understanding, the browse knob is not designed to load a track from within the Files panel. You need to add the tracks to the library first, and analyse them. Once you’ve done this, you will be able to navigate, and load tracks, using the Browse knob. Hope this helps.

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