Cannot get my serato files to update in engine

I’m new to denon so I’m pretty sure this is user error, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong here:

-Imported my serato hard drive into prime -Everything worked fine on my sc5000 -The issue began the first time I added new music

First it would not even analyze the new songs I added to my serato library. After exiting and restarting the software a couple of times it finally analyzed the new songs. But it will not update the crates in the playlist nor am I able to see any of the new songs on my sc5000.

And when if I try to right click on a new crate of music in serato to import it into engine there is no option to do so.

How do I get my engine prime to update when I add new songs to my serato library on my hard drive? I add the new music and analyze it in serato and then close serato out and open prime and I click on update serato and nothing’s happening.

Delete the playlist in Engine Collection and add again from the Serato collection tab

It’s an inconvenience

vote for the feature request

Thanks for the response @mufasa ! Appreciate it.

I am a little confused though. Is this a feature request or a bug? In the documentation, the video tutorial, AND in the software for engine prime 2.0.1, it states that you can update/refresh your Serato library at any time by clicking the Serato refresh button.

It also says you should be able to right-click a Serato crate to import it. Has Denon given any official word on this? I have read the feature request thread and honestly, I have NO idea what is going on with this. Implemented? Not implemented? Feature is there but doesn’t work? Not a good look for Denon. That feature request thread goes back years.

For now, my workaround is dragging the new crate and/or songs from the Serato collection to the engine prime collection. Works for small additions to my library (like a dozen songs or one new crate), but there are times where I can add hundreds of songs to my Serato library in a lot of different crates, and I will not be able to keep track of all the new songs I added or have the time to do that.

Super frustrating as I love the sc5000m. It gives me the perfect mix of digital music with a vinyl feel WITHOUT needing a computer.

Its a feature request

It affects traktor/Serato/rekordbox/iTunes imports (subsequent ones)

There was a workaround suggested by another forumite, but involves changing your Serato crate structure a bit

Create a parent Crate in Serato and nest all the other crates

So on the Denon side of things, there will be one Main Serato playlist (with all the sub playlists), then one can delete and readd all serato playlists easily, without trying to figure out which crate contains new tracks

Okay, thanks. What is the deal with Denon dragging their heels on this? This should be basic functionality for DJ software.

See the post in this forum regarding Lexicon. This is your solution, trust me :slight_smile: I use serato as my main tool, however i need to replicate to engine constantly. Want to ensure moving from serato to engine only takes 30 seconds? Lexicon.

Okay thank you @s4000 I will check it out.

Boys! Just wanna say thanks so much for this convo post. Just bought a Denon Prime 2, having had a 5 year relationship with Serato. Imported my hard rive to Engine, used the Serato Library Integration function in the Engine Library and i STILL have tunes which haven’t been analysed…!! I will try your method