Cannot add MP3 files from a network share to the engine prime library

Guys, the information that EP is not supporting “network shares” is just bollox, the simple way to work around this is demonstrated below.

As you will see EP is just made in a way to specifically not support network volumes but if you trick it into believing it runs from HDD normally - just works. There are no technical obstacles whatsoever to get it running. Let it settle for the moment.

This work around works for me and I am using MacOS.

  1. Import files to from your usual location let’s say it is ~/Downloads/Music by dragging folder into your crate and let it analyse.
  2. Move folder into network share, lets say its /Volumes/home/Music
  3. Create a symlink to the network share inside your ~/Downloads folder by running: ln -s /Volumes/home/Music (from the terminal, a command line)
  4. When you run ls (to list files) on this you will see Music@ → /Volumes/home/Music/
  5. Open EP and continue working as usual

What should I make of it? A company that specifically does not allow in their product to use network shares, I could maybe pinpoint to the laziness of the software engineering team not to care about these feature as maybe(?), maybe they didn’t want people that are on wifi to have slow syncing speeds? The thing is that network volumes are no different to normal files as much as any software is concerned, everything is abstracted by the operating system itself, its just a yet another location in your file system.

It had to be made specifically to ignore network shares.

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I really love Prime hardware but, I cannot justify these bugs & issues. What a pile of garbage this is? :angry: :man_facepalming:

PS: Something similar should be possible on Windows


Hi dzejms,

Ik tried your suggestion, but when I delete the files from the Mac HDD, also the files at the NAS are deleted. So the link works, but my idea is not to keep the files at the Mac HDD. Only on the NAS. Am I missing something?