Can you connect VL12 Turntables?

I’ve recently dug out all my old vinyl and have been looking at buying some decks and mixer. Everyone I know is telling me to get a controller over a mixer, something that wasn’t around when I used to mess around years ago. At least, not as readilly available if they were around.

What model Controllers in the Denon DJ range allow to connect VL12’s?

I’ve never used a controller before so do you have any advice on what to get?

Thanks in advance.

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If you’re interested in going digital in the future you should get a controller. But not just because everbody tells you to. Also, beware that even the more expensive all-in-one controllers still don’t have the same quality (sound, components like phono-preamps, build) like the club mixers. You can get a mixer and still go digital (with DVS), mixing using single deck controlers like the NI X1 or connecting CD players to control software.

A lot of options really, so take your time to learn more about this “new” tehnology and not just jump on the same train as everybody else.

Denon controllers that can function as standalone mixers (that’s the term for saying you can plug CD players or turntables into it and use them as a regular mixer) are:

MC3000 (only line level inputs and limited, best used for DVS)






Strike the MC3000 off that list. The line-in inputs are not routed through the mixer section - they are directly linked to the master so not really appropriate for turntables. Everything else on that list would work as a standalone mixer, but not all can run DVS if that is the route you’re looking to go.

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Thank you so much. This perfect and exactly what I need to know.

Thanks for the update. I appreciate it. I’ll be honest, it’s a lot more confusing than it used to be. Mentioned I wanted to get some decks for old vinyl and had all sorts recommended from friends. It used to be so simple lol.

Was originally thinking mixer and decks and then add media/cd players later. Controller sounds like a much cheaper option and I presume perfect for someone who will just use them at home.

Just to be clear, MC3000 can do DVS (line level inpputs) with no problem with VDJ or similar, no need to strike it off the list.

Also, all Denon controllers I mentioned CAN run DVS, what made you say otherwise???

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Regarding the MC3000, you need more than just some input jacks to make DVS work, those jacks need to be routed to the sound card and to the USB output to send a signal back to the computer.

As I mentioned above, the line inputs of the MC3000 are not connected to the mixer section or sound card in any way, so it can’t do DVS or anything other than dump a direct signal to the master output via that 1/2 pan knob and volume control.

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Keep in mind that the 3000 is vintage and no more supported under os high Sierra.

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Todd, I very well know what is necessary for DVS. MC3000 does have inputs connected to the internal soundcard so DVS is possible.

Also, it still works under High Sierra OS, despite Denon claims of being not being supported.

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“Even though the Inputs are directly routed to the Master Ouput, those are also part of the USB Audio Interface so can be included in the Audio setup and used as Line Ins and recorded as well”

“The MC-3000 was tested with Traktor Scratch Pro 2 and I could use a pair of CDJs to control Traktor via timecode.”

note: TSP timecode use with MC3000 is not possible without using the “Traktor hack” to enable non-certified device.

A lot of people don’t know about these features because Denon didn’t advertise them well enough.

MC6000mk1 recieved the ability to use timecode control with the latest firmware update


Wow - I stand corrected. :open_mouth: I’d been told the exact opposite in the past. I’m shocked.

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Excellent advice…