Can you connect two laptops to a prime 4 at the same time so that they can use serato?

Can you connect two laptops to a prime 4 at the same time so that they can use serato?

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I don’t think so.


I’ve been wanting this since I bought my Prime 4. I think this is a show-stopper when it comes to playing in venues with multiple DJ’s. Denon is missing a huge market potential with this one feature. The fact that 2 or DJ’s cannot switch “seamlessly” during a gig, limits the willingness by a venue to use the device as its main controller. I only use the Prime 4 when I’m DJ’ing alone, which is a shame! This feature request is a big WANT in my personal new feature request, I also think the “new” Prime 4 + / Prime 4 Mk2 should have 2 USB slots for this feature, like 90% of mixers and controllers on the market do. I also believe this “tweak” will not add a lot to the price-point of the new device.

Bear in mind the Prime 4 is primarily a ‘standalone’ device and has the ability to house what, 4 different drives simultaneously?

Id say that your statement below is pushing the boundaries of truth a little, DJs absolutely can switch seamlessly on the unit, just not when they both want to use a laptop running other software.

Hi Stu-C

Thank you for your answer to my comment. When playing with another DJ, how do we transition seamlessly? For example, the Prime 4 needs to reboot when another DJ is using Serato and I’m using the unit in standalone mode. What is your solution, maybe I missed a thread or tutorial on this part, would love to see and learn about it.

On all other types of gear that I’ve come across, there is always a way to switch without turning the device off / rebooting. This is only different on the prime 4 (when it comes to high-end controllers & mixers/HW gear above 1000 USD).

I think it would definitely serve Denon well to have the usual “2 USB” connectivity in the back and switch from laptop A to laptop B with Serato users and possibly other software. Focusing on Engine Software of course is the priority, but “opening” the possibilities for more connectivity can only benefit the brand, ultimately. Of course, this is in my humble opinion.

Bringing more USB connectivity, including USB C-ports, would definitely help - this is considered a standard when looking at what the market expects from a standalone controller. Keeping “standalone mode” and “computer mode” separate is a disservice to DJ’s and to the Denon brand, based on my experience with the unit.

So if i was in that situation whereby i had another DJ coming to use Prime gear, id ask them to bring a USB stick with music on it, preferably analysed in Engine, but not necessary as the unit will analyse if needed.

Correct me if im wrong but doesn’t the prime 4 have 4 x USB ports, an SD card slot, a SATA drive? that means 6 different DJs could potentially access their music on one device.

Bear in mind Denon want you using these devices in standalone mode, the addition of Serato/VDJ is just a marketing tactic but the reality is they want you using the device as intended.

If i was hosting an event and the Prime 4 was the unit of choice for that event, id make sure all DJs who are playing that night are aware that they need to bring USB sticks with music in order to play.

As for USB-C being a standard, not really, Pioneers new mixer has it, their bottom end scratch mixer has it and a cheap controller has it… everything else on the market is still using USB-B which is a far more robust connection for a professional environment.

Also, feel free to either search for an existing feature request, or create a new feature request then allow people to vote on it, that way if its a popular enough request it will be looked at to improve the switch between computer and standalone mode.

I’m aware that standalone mode allows for seamless switching between USB sources, this I usually do myself when I’m switching from my internal SSD (which has all my standard bread & butter tracks) to my “new songs of the month” (for example new songs for my monthly radio show etc…) or “Performance songs” when an artist brings their performance songs on a USB Stick at a function or wedding or during a live event.

What I’m referring to is being able to switch from standalone to PC mode without rebooting. I read somewhere that this is a hardware issue on the Prime 4 which cannot be fixed with software update, but I believe if a new Prime 4 (Prime 4+ or mkII or whatever it will be called) this would be a perfect opportunity and adding 1 more USB port for a laptop will be a game-changer.

Also, in theory, telling a DJ to make sure they bring a USB stick is a good idea, but in practice, a DJ who uses a laptop will not realistically download their entire DJ library just to come and do a set - it’s 99% the other way around, the common practice is for the venue to put the gear at the disposal of the DJ coming to perform. If the gear doesn’t suit the DJ, they bring their own gear, it means a controller like the Prime 4 stays out of that conversation, just because of a USB connection or an easier / seamless transition from standalone to computer mode, or switching between 2 computers.

Good idea with the feature request, I think the Prime 4 is more than suited for a club or a venue, I’m using it on a regular basis and DJ’ed a 10 hour NYE set with it for a club with 2000-capacity. Definitely was an eye catcher and had many people wondering what kind of gear I was using!

So my next question is this. Lets say i am using serato. If i disconnect my laptop during a song so another DJ can load their laptop:

  1. Will the song i was playing automatically stop or will it keep playing?

  2. Will the second DJ just be able to hook their laptop and pick up from where i left off at?

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No, it’ll stop playing. I have a kind of workaround for anybody looking at gigging with it, it’s not ideal but it’s better than nothing. Connect to a sub mixer then use the tape out function of the sub mixer to play a track whilst you do the switchover. See my photo below where im using the little Beringher unit to bridge the connection between my Prime 2 and the house system. It means that if I ever need to reboot or swap out my Prime I can keep the music playing by plugging my phone into the tape mix then playing a track from my phone whilst I do whatever I need to.

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Thanks. Im just going to have to rent a pionner DDJ 1000 so that my special guests can spin at my event. Thank you everyone for your assitance. I may have to look into trading in my prime 4 since i know moving forward this is going to be a continous issue when i book DJs for my events.

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Yeah a dedicated controller with dual USB is definitely the best option for you, especially something like the 1000 as you can connect turntables or media players to it for those who want to DJ with them.

Like the MC7000.

Another point worth noting is that both Pioneer and Denon do have product that ARE meant as venue gear, for performing with multiple sources and DJ’s - and they are full club setups of media players + club mixer.

Never judge a fish on it’s ability to climb a tree…and also when you opt for a cheaper more portable DJ solution you better expect some limits, especially when that cheaper more portable solution was designed as a standalone system with a side feature of being a SDJ controller.


That’s my thoughts on it. As a Serato user, by rights I should be annoyed that the Prime 2 doesn’t work with Serato, but I know in my head that I never bought it to do that, in fact I bought it to stop doing that.

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@Staminajones Unfortunately, it is not possible to switch between computer mode and standalone mode without having to reboot the machine. (And cut the sound off for about 1 minute)

The Only way to switch “seamlessly” is to have the DJ bring a USB stick or external hard drive, plug it into the Prime 4 and play the songs using the Engine Software in Standalone mode.

Alternative solution is to have the other DJ mix their songs on the SAME laptop as you, by using a USB stick or external hard drive connected to your laptop, so that they can use their music in a familiar dj software environment. Like this both DJ’s use the same laptop and never have to switch from Computer to Standalone mode.

Basically either all DJ’s have to use Standalone mode, or all DJ’s have to use computer mode. Switching from computer mode to standalone mode is not currently supported by the software/ hardware.

Or just cut off the music for 45-60seconds every time you switch DJ’s, perfect for back-to-back sets lol :laughing:

I dont have an issue with all of the DJs using serato mode. My concern is that lets say my set is done, and the next DJ wants to jump on with their laptop, that the music will cut off while were switching laptops

As has already been mentioned, the Prime 4 is intended to be used standalone, for DJs who no longer wish to use a controller hooked to a laptop (or two).

Presumably you bought it for the same reason?

Just tell the other DJs they don’t need a laptop.

Outstanding method, I really like that.

I got an open box return from Amazon for £30 top, couple that with a £10 voucher from MS rewards it cost me a total of £20 to rig it up.

For that price it’s daft not to. The only thing to be aware of is needing XLR to TRS cables to facilitate.