Can the prime 4 plus work with 2 wireless mics?

Hi I know the prime 4 plus has 2 mic outputs. I’m use to using mics by connecting via cables. Got a gig this weekend where I’m supporting 2 rappers and they preferably want wireless mics. Can the prime 4 plus cover this? I do not have any mic system to cover wireless mics at the moment and don’t want to dish out money to get some for this one gig or hiring one as I’m not a pro with using them but is it possible?. Is wired the only option?

Wireless mic systems generally come with a receiver box that plugs into your mixer, so yes any hardware that has analogue inputs can handle wireless mics.

Whether you need to use the mic inputs or the line inputs will depend on the output from the receiver. Some may have a switchable level or a choice of mic vs line level output.

Also you can buy systems with multiple mics (2, 4 etc) that work with a single receiver.

Top tip - Don’t go for the cheap and nasty option. Stick with a reputable brand of mic manufacturer i.e. Shure.

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The one the promoter showed me has xlr female outputs on it ( 2 of them). Guessing it’s just female to female xlr then in the back of the prime and no connection like wifi needed cos cables etc.

Female? Normally outputs would be male.

sorry double checked. Yes male. It has one receiver the one he showed me and 2x handheld transmitter. This mean both mics operate by that one receiver and they won’t clash sound wise or anything?

Yes, it’s basically two receivers in one box, that operate on different frequencies.

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so female to female xlr? 2 into the box. Other 2 ends into the prime 4 mic inputs each one. Job done?

No - the Prime mic inputs are female, so require a male XLR. Receiver outputs are male, so require female XLR. Standard cables, female one end and male the other end.