Can’t adjust screen brightness on New DENON Prime 4

Hi guys,

I just switched from Pioneer DDJ 1000 to DENON Prime 4 white edition. Thanks to the feedback of fellow redditeers. So far, I am loving the unit. There are a few things here and there, but I have read almost every where that the folks at DENON listen to your requests and implement them in the future update.

Anyways, I can’t seem to adjust the brightness of the screen. No matter what I change it to, low, mid high or max, it stays the same.

I want to reduce the brightness. Any suggestions, if I am missing out on something. Much appreciated.

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Hello @ghani119911 Welcome to the forum.

What software do you hve on Your prime 4? Maybe it could need a fresh install?

As soon as I received the unit, it needed an update, and now it is on version 2.1.1

Ok, did You tried to reset to factory settings and give it a power off/on after update?

Bro, I tried as you said. But as you said earlier about fresh install, is there a way to reinstall the software?

Yes. Download an updater on your computer and use a usb cable. Make a fresh install and check again.

I re-installed the OS, but still the same. Kindly check below video

Brightness not changing

I have noticed here, that the Brightness of the Jog display is changing, but no effect to the screen.

Help please!

@Anthony_DDJ maybe You will have an idea? I never seen this issue before.

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@Anthony_DDJ you have something for me mate?

Yes also came over from a DDJ1000, got my Prime 4 White less than a week ago and really enjoying it so far. I also have the same problem, I can go into settings and change the brightness of the jog wheels but the screen always stays the same :man_shrugging:

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I hope we find a solution soon bro! I really hope it is not a hardware issue :woozy_face:

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I just updated to v2.1.2

Still the same issue persists :frowning:

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I’m on v2.1.1 didn’t know about v2.1.2 Is this update new today?

Yes it got released today, but it is addressing the dropbox issue!

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Ok thanks will have a look later and update, hope this problem is sorted out soon :sunglasses::+1:

Hey @ghani119911 Let’s connect in a DM. Probably best to have our Technical Support team take a look. Can you send over your email and phone number?


I have this same issue on a brand new Prime 4 white…gotta say their quality control is garbage…

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I have searched the entire forum and could not find a single similar issue reported anywhere. Couldn’t even find anything on Reddit or other forums.

Could it be that this issue lies only with the white series?

Not sure but I’m expecting a brand new unit otherwise if they even mention to take a brand new unit for repair that will be a whole life of not recommending Denon to anyone…Period.

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That’s 3 of us now, all Prime 4 white and all brand new :man_facepalming: @Anthony_DDJ