Can not load files!


I’ve run into this problem with several mp3s now after having my decks for 3 months. These are mp3s from dj pool sites, mainly mymp3poolonline. Some are downloaded from artists’ Soundcloud page.

I’m not understanding why some files play and others won’t. If they were burned to an mp3 disc the files would work fine on my previous stanton cdjs, so why the issue now??? having problems in the middle of my sets


Dirty, or corrupt files are a pain - and they’re rife on sharing, pool, and other “anyone can upload” sites. It’s lovely to think that “mp3 is mp3” whereas there are many official variations (such as Constant Bit Rate, Variable Bit Rate, Joint Stereo, True Stereo, and all the numbered bit rates to name a few) and dozens, if not hundreds of unofficial variations - eg: some “mastering” or “encoding” software loves to tinker; saving incorrectly formatted file headers or truely massive album art embeds that are waaaay over the specification for album art limits.

Assuming you’re using a decent (and by “decent” I mean massively well known, and well adopted) piece of legit software to rip your own CDs, try this:

  • Make a list of all the titles you’ve got from these “pool” sites, beatport, soundclud, peer-to-peer, etc.
  • Burn them all to an AUDIO CD (or CD’s if theres a lot)
  • Rip them yourself, on your own PC, with the decent ripping software, as mentioned above…to standard Constant Bit Rate, 320kbps, True Stereo, with no album art. Dont edit any file names, or tags.
  • Put the freshly ripped files on a branded pen drive and try loading/playing them.

Dirty tracks can also cause the “slow down” issue, as can having older firmware in the units, and/or unpowered hard drives, usb hubs, and unbranded usb thumb drives/pen drives.

DJ Hessler

If you update your software for the players you also need to update Engine Be sure to have the latest Engine and latest update for your players.

Run all the files trugh Engine and Engine should react if there is a corruped file.