Can it work without a computer?


I want to make the next step, from a cheap controller with free software on an iPad. The issue is, I don’t have a computer. Before I buy the Prime 4, find out it doesn’t work and send it back with in the 30 timeperiod, and causing hassle for me and the seller, I would like to find out, if it would work:

Do you need a computer for anything important?

  • can I manage songs in playlists etc. on the Device?
  • can I edit the grid (sometimes it’s 1/8th off) on it?
  • can I copy music from USB stick to internal SSD (if installed)?
  • does the internal SSD appear as removeable Storage when connected to a computer or does it need special software?

Is there anything that you are doing on the computer, because it cannot be done on the Prime?

Thanks a ton!


Er…if you don’t have a computer, where are you getting the music from?

The Prime 4 can work without a computer (it’s designed to do that) but there are some limitations.

You cannot adjust the BPM of the beatgrid, only move it left/right in time. You cannot copy from USB to internal.

You can create playlists. Any devices connected to the Prime 4 (flash drives/SD cards/internal drive) will show as storage when the unit is connected to a computer - but as you haven’t got a computer, that’s not relevant, surely.

I have an iPad Pro that I do everything with. I mix and master my own produced music with it (that I produce daw-less) and I can do all my office work/emails, even video editing on it. Buying and downloading music only needs a browser and a filemanager :slight_smile:

So, I am talking Computer as a PC / Mac not as a „device with a cpu“ :slight_smile:

Is the bpm something you can fix with adding metadata to a Musikfilme, or change in a readable file (database) on the harddrive?

Moving files to the Device with an iPad should be possible.

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OK I guess you could download files from an iPad. iOS devices can access external storage now too.

I’m not sure if the Prime 4 drives would show as storage on an iPad though.

Yes you can manage playlists

There is basic beatgrid edit ie slide, multiply or divide. If your BPM is not correct, you cant fix on hardware.


Not that i’m aware of on Mac. Once you boot into controller mode the drive shows up on my desktop.



I could try to see if my Prime 4 drive can be seen from my iPad…

OK so the iPad does see the Prime 4 drive, but I think it would be unmanageable for anything more than a few files. Loading is taking forever.

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Thanks for checking out! So the device is not really stand alone :frowning: it just doesn’t need a computer connected when performing. :frowning:

So this makes it stand alone. Full file management is not part of the Engine OS just yet.

Well, I think there just differ the expectations :slight_smile: In my opinion, something that is sold as stand alone, should be fully useable without a computer. But I know, that marketing uses the word differently, that’s why I asked :slight_smile:

You can still play from Tidal, SoundCloud, Beatport Link and Beatsource Link - all built in.

You can also (beta firmware) access Dropbox cloud storage.

It would be OK if you were to copy a few files to a USB stick then insert the stick into Prime 4 and play.

It seems as if having many files on a SSD is too much for iPadOS to handle.

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Please. Name me one thing in this world that is standalone.

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As far as I understand, it’s not just filemanagement. If you cannot edit wrong Analyse data on the device, it seems that you need to have the software installed to be able to successfully prepare everything.

Please. Name me one thing in this world that is standalone.

As you can sure agree to me, that this question is not meant serious, I answer the same: a fork!

To be more serious: I am, after a long search, fully stand alone when producing music. I do copy samples onto a SD Card, but I would be able to sample them myself, if I would not have the possibility to. No computer involved but for uploading the music to whoever masters the songs.

If you’re spending that much on a controller, a cheap Windows 10 laptop isn’t that much more on top and will make using the P4 a lot easier.

It’s not money, why I don’t own a dedicated computer. I don’t want so spend more time in front of a computer as I already do for my job. :slight_smile: As, soon as I need a computer to operate the device to full extend, the market for „standalone“ DJ Controllers at least doubles in size :slight_smile:

It is a deadserious question; it depends completely on what your definition of “standalone” is. You don’t need bpm adjustments to perform, although I certainly welcome it and am definitely FOR no-computer needed (don’t get me wrong on that!!)

The fork cannot perform its task without you controlling it…

I think my watch comes close; it gets power from the sun and gets time from your country. :wink:

My definition of standalone is written down in the Posts above. The are tons of devices that used to need a computer and now can be used without one. Like some grove boxes in music production, the iPod touch was (I think so) the first where you were able to buy music on the device via WiFi while you needed a computer with iTunes before. Etc.

And sure, you can argue about most features that you could live without, it’s in the Hand of the buyer who decides what is important for him (me in this case) and not some one else.

That’s why I don’t really get the discussion. I asked some question, that I got answered. I got some additional informations about how I might move around issues. All helpful, and then you came and started discussion about one word, that didn‘t answer a question nor did help in any way on the topic.

So thanks all here helping me on my way deciding what way to go!

Some of the things you mentioned have already been requested by users, such as full editing of the beat grid and copying files from flash drive or SD card onto the internal drive.

Whether Denon will ever add those things is another story.

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If there is one thing that I learned on my journey to the right groovebox for me it is:

Always buy stuff because of what it can do, never for something that might come in the future.


It’s a forum, so discussions will happen. I approved your topic and I’m not doing that to get in and bash about it. So yes, Prime4 is a standalone capable performing device, but not all components are (yet).

The question has been asked more than once before. Request are made to improve as well.

Funny thing is that @PKtheDJ was really outspoken about the subject. :wink:


I still think the Prime devices could be improved in that respect. Full adjustment of the BPM/grid for starters. Ability to copy files from source to source. Ability to edit tags.

Etc. etc.

Improvements just seem to take forever…

Yeah I agree on both. It would make life a lot easier.

However, when adding lots of music, the internal processor simply cannot handle the task in a short time. Hence, computer needed (for me at least).

That is a very good point! I read something about 10-20 seconds per song that is done while loading it (no batch analyzing). That is nothing for importing tons of music. Have not thought about that initial process.

My current workflow is in a way, that I find and test music (that is not my own) via streaming and buy the songs I like and that fit so I a: Support the artist and b: might be able to use it outside my bedroom. In that process I can live with a wait period per song, because that waiting for a few minutes is not worth the money for a device on one hand and me messing with a computer.

Maybe I should just stick with my DDJ 400 and the djay app…