Can I Use The Prime 4 As A Soundcard?

Is it possible to connect a laptop to the Prime 4 while it’s in controller mode, and use whatever software is on there to play through a channel using the Prime’s intermal Soundcard (like for instance you do on the MC6000 MkII)?

I don’t need the Prime 4 to act as a controller for the software, it’s a touch-screen application anyhow, but I’d love to be able to connect to (for instance) Ch 4 on the desk, via USB and use the Prime as an ASIO soundcard on that channel only, while still DJing “live” on decks 1 & 2 of the Prime…

Does that make sense? Hope so!

Hi @Incawed, thanks for posting. You can plug in devices like turntables or media players into PRIME 4 for playback, but playback via computer is not possible at this time.

Probably the easiest solution is to connect the Laptop into the controller directly, but you could also Go through an DJ2GO 2, pocket DJ controller with built in sound card.

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When you say connect the laptop “Directly”, you mean via the 3.5mm headphone jack? I have no real problem with that, but I just thought while there was a high-quality soundcard already in the Prime 4, I might have had a shot at using it.

You can use the soundcard via Engine on the laptop. But runnig from another application on the laptop will need, either an external USB sound card or direct connection from the 3.5mm socket into the Line In.

Engine PRIME cannot be used as a performance tool and would render ‘using the soundcard via Engine on the laptop’ as invalid. However, the used of an external soundcard/DVS solution IS needed to use external software at this time, so using PRIME 4’s card with a computer directly is not possible at this time.

Can you explain why when I plug my Prime 4 into my PC running Windows 10 it sees the Prime 4 as a Soundcard that can be used?

@DJ_AJC the computer is recognizing an audio interface, that’s all. The ability to use PRIME 4 in the way you want is not possible at this time.

Sorry if I’m a little late to the party, but is this something that is likely to be implemented in the near future? I’m having a lot of trouble setting the Prime 4 up to stream over the internet.

To be honest, it’s a bit backwards when the starting signal is digital, then gets converted to analogue for the Prime’s output stage… We then need to hook up an additional audio interface to convert it back to digital so the computer can process it for streaming. If only this could be done with 1 simple USB cable. Maybe I should have bought a cheap controller deck instead.

Yes you can do this. You can connect to the laptop and play music through the laptop out the speakers. I do it. I actually worried that I did it for so long that I’d damage the screen…

hi @DBLTHNK, How did you get this to work? I’ve connected via the blue USB3 and nothing. Nothing showing in the Audio preferences either, and I can’t get OBS to see the Prime 4 as a sound source.

Connect to whatevr device it is by holding down source key and choosing the source icon at top right of the screen… prime reboots into computer mode, u can then play music from the laptop (or any USB OTG device) out the speakers connected to the prime…