Can I transfer my Engine DJ 2.0 to a new Macbook?


I tried to contact the shitty Denon support (sorry, but it is what it is) through the homepage. Unfortunately they still are unable to fix the problem there, that you can’t reach out without sending proof of purchase. Even though there’s no such field to upload a receipt or anything. So I reached out via Instagram, where someone answered, and after several days, someone finally made it from tech support to contact me by email with a standard reply, closing the ticket right away. I answered, but never got a reply. I changed from Pioneer, thinking, Denon DJ is doing a very good job, selling high quality products for a way better value. Yeah, product wise, but no support wise. IT ■■■■■!!!

So to my question: first I wanted to convert my library to Engine 2.0, which fucked up my library, saying the external drive where my music and library sits, is not supported. Fair enough. But now I want to to transfer my library from my existing Mac to my new Macbook Pro. I can’t find any manual or internet tips about a way to do so. I can’t imagine that it is not possible to do so, and that you have to rebuild your whole library again…

So I have both my music and library on the new machines internal drive, and the old machine is also still available.

Is there anyone that could please help me with that? Sorry but I’m very frustrated at this point. I really like the player itself, and so far the software is ok, though it could need a lot of improvement feature wise. However…


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Three easy ways to do it:-

  1. simply use sync manager, copy it to a brand new drive

  2. copy the entire engine library over to a new drive

  3. use something like Lexicon and manage your entire library, and. Sync it to a new drive


Thanks for your tips.

May I ask you for more details on point 1 & 2? I forgot to write, that my current linrary sits on an external SSD, where also my whole music is. But on the new machine I copied everything to the internal SSD. How can I tell Engine DJ to get that existing library?? Couldn‘t figure it out, so the library is just empty.

Found Lexicon, looks like it could be a solution, though I would prefer an easier solution like, however, if not possible I‘ll look into that.

Thank you

Is that the reason?

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Thanks, but no. I don’t use Apple Music. I just used Engine Prime software to manage it, and upgraded to Engine DJ 2.0. And now like I said, I don’t want to use the external SSD to store my music folder and Engine DJ library, I want to move it to the internal SSD of the new Macbook Pro. But I can’t point to the new folder within Engine DJ 2.0.

Little update:

When I connect my USB stick, that I use to play at my SC6000, plugin, it shows the whole collection. But as soon as I disconnect it, it disappears. So the question’s now, how can I transfer that library to the internal drive of the Macbook, so it always shows my library and syncs to the USB stick?

Tried Lexicon today. It shows my playlists on the USB stick used on my SC6000, but no tracks. When I sync it to Engine DJ desktop, it does sync the playlists, but not the tracks. What now?

Anyone please?? Denon support still is still a shame…takes forever to get back since several weeks unsolved…

Try the latest version of Lexicon, I made a few improvements there. And if you don’t see all your tracks, please send me a PM with your database so I can figure it out.

I don’t know every detail of the Engine DJ database yet so every time someone finds a bug there we can get a little bit closer :slight_smile:

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Can Lexicon be used to move the track path? After the move can I carry those changes back to the Engine database so that it no longer displays the traces in red color?

Hi guys, Unfortunately, Lexicon did not work to me… I wanted to transfer my library from old Macbook Pro to a new MBP M1Pro and ended transfering manualy all the files from previous Engine to Engine 2.0 folder. It just worked fine.

Keep cool

Yep for sure. Just change them in Lexicon and if they are good in there then you can Sync to Engine and it will find them too

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