Can i rename files and still keep the metadata in them?

Hey, still new to the engine. I just started organising all my music files, making the beat grids, hot cues etc… Just afterwards i realised i still have the file names in the original beatport format meaning for example: 4768471_Turn It Around_(Original Mix).mp3. I forgot to rename the files before i started all the work and now it seems that renaming the files destroy all the metadata? When i rename the file, its being displayed as red in my collection in dj, which makes perfect sense, but when i import the renamed file again into the music collection, there are no hot cues… Is there any way to fix this? I am doing all this on PC and plan to import all the files into prime 4 when i get it next week. If i just load the files onto USB drive and load them in prime 4, will all the metadata be there or i have to export it as a music collection? I am a bit confused now. Thanks everyone!

The hotcue’s, playlists and such things are saved in the Engine Library, and referenced to the file path. If you change the path the link with the original is lost, and a re-import will be threated as a new track with no hotcues, and no occurence in any playlist.

To fix such filename/path renames you’ll need a relocate function, which is not present in Engine DJ: I suggest to go here and vote for it.

There is an unofficial way by manually going into m.db, which is just an sqlite file, and updating the “path” field of the appropriote track in the “Track” table. I wrote a few commands somewhere in the forum, but I’m to lazy to look these up for you :wink:

Thanks for reply Johan, I am not entirely sure, but in Traktor for example, you store all these metadata in the file directly and even if you rename it and load it in different traktor elsewhere, you all have these data in the file, right?

No, Traktor only saves data which can be stored in the ID3 tag in the MP3 (like artist, title, …), but all the rest is saved in collection.nml, namely hotcues, loops, beatgrid and playlists. So the only difference is that Engine does not store changes in ID3 tags to the MP3 file.

So in Traktor you would have the same problem, but you can fix it in the software with the relocate function…

Dear @Skart,

I read about your problem. I had a similar problem in the past. A workaround for this similar problem you will find here:

If you want to proceed accordingly, test it in a test invironment and not on the procuction level.

Good look and pls. be so kind as to keep us posted.