Can i fix this?

Hi all, Been a member of this group for a while but never posted just read.

I am in need of advice, I was playing out at the weekend and whilst using the prime 4 pressed the VIEW (Menu) button and it decided to take a dive inside my unit ! its not felt right for a while.

Is this an easy fix (something I can do?) or does this need to go in for repair, which I will need to find time for as out most weekends.

Cheers in advance.

It depends on you, if you are an electronic technician maybe you could do it. Be careful not to void the warranty.

If your console is still within the warranty period, I recommend that you send it in for repair.

While waiting for the repair you can use the display instead of the view key to navigate the library. Obviously some exclusive functions of that button will not be available (such as SHIFT + VIEW to switch the horizontal / vertical view).

I’ve seen this appear a few times on here too. It does seam I’ve of the weaker points from the people reporting it.