Can I and how do I connect my Denon dns3700 (Legacy product) to Prime 4 in Standalone mode?

I recently purchased 2 used DNS3700’s. Can I and how do I connect both of my Denon DNS3700 (Legacy products) to my Prime 4 in Standalone mode? If I cannot connect my DNS3700 in stand-alone mode to my Prime 4, what are a few other ways to connect? The reason I ask is that I want to play some of my old CDs through my Prime4. So far I figured out I must format the USB drive to EXFAT32 before connecting the USB to the rear of my DNS3700. Please help me.

If the main thing is to play CD’s from them, simply connect them via the phono cables, to the desired channels on the Prime 4 (probably the far left/right channels would seem the most logical :slight_smile: ).

Seems like you can connect the two DNS3700’s via ethernet cable, but I doubt they’ll communicate with the Prime 4, other than sending audio to them.

But then you should be able to have 2 channels of Engine, and 2 channels for CDs :slight_smile:

Hope I understood the request right :slight_smile:

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The only way of connecting the 3700 to Prime 4 is audio connectors only. You won’t be able to select tracks on the prime 4 and “send” them to the 3700, nor will you be able to read Prime databases or files with the 3700

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Yeah, man, just use some RCA cables to connect the 3700s to the line inputs on the back of the Prime 4. Make sure those inputs are set to line and not phono, and you should be good to go. Treat the Prime 4 like a big mixer. You can play that USB drive on either of your 3700s or on the Prime 4. You got a lot of options. Perhaps 3 drives would give you more options, though, one on the Prime 4 and the other two connected to each of the 3700s if you want the moving platters.

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I understand.

Totally makes sense to me, thanks for explaining this to me.