Buying and selling

Hi what realistic price should I be paying for sc5000m [pair] and x1800 mixer all have got 12inch skinz applied from new also have deck savers just wondering in UK what I should pay now the new sc6000m and x1850 have came out?

You should pay whatever you agree with the person selling the equipment. Don’t count out his expectations from this. If the players are well maintained, the only negotiating factor would be the potential markings that will remain on the equipment from the skins adhesive. Mainly, this is an aggrement between two people.

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I paid £1200 for 2 sc5000’s not the m, and a x1800. All boxed with the screen protection still on👌

They had been up for sale for 2 weeks. I begged borrowed and considered stealing to raise the funds. But got there :rofl:

I was looking for a nearly new/ex demo / ex-trade show x1800 mixer a month ago.

In your English money GBP I found that £800 on auction was a good price, but hardly anyone is selling them yet.

Thanks for your input

You were extremely lucky to get that deal! The seller probably didn’t realise what they were worth :joy::joy::joy:

Or the seller is just done with waiting for updates :wink:


I’m at £2350 wanting to know if this is still a good price I think it is just didn’t know whether the price would drop considerably :+1: that price is unbelievable lol

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You should pay whatever you’re willing to pay…and they’re worth whatever someone is willing to pay.

They don’t hold their value the same way pioneer clobber does but that’s because they’re not as popular and the players are a grand brand new.

So do u think that is a good or bad price

I paid £2250 for mine about 5 months ago and felt it was a fair price having shopped around

So I should be paying less then shouldn’t i

That’s what I thought was fair for the ones I bought, I don’t know what condition yours are in

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Well they have got 12inch skinz on from new but they are immaculate bud did you get the M’s?

I never keep stuff long lol, well sell ya mine £2100 plus 50 shipping :rofl:

Mine are the standard sc5000 they were immaculate with all boxes, cables and screen protectors etc.

If i was selling mine, Id be hoping to get 700+ each for them and they are immaculate

£1500 is the best offer I’ve had, and that’s conditional of when stock arrives or the 6Ks. Why Buy New only offering £1200 for all 3!!!

If anyone is selling an M then I’m prepared to give a lowball offer🤣

I’ve been scanning Kijiji to see what people would be selling off their gear for.

I think this is a consideration when buying the gear. I’ve had a brand new never used X1800 on sale for £700/€800 and cant shift it for over 5 months already. I am also thinking to upgrade to the SC6000 once out but hard to take that i’ll be taking a hit of over 50% of original cost value after owning the gear a year and a half. Personally i think the hardware is better than Pioneer but in terms of resale value its nowhere near as good an investment. I sold two Pioneer decks after 7 years at about 80% of the original cost.

Have to hope the SC6000 becomes more of a standard in the industry and hangs around longer and maintains its value long term because i dont think many will hold out to taking a massive hit in their pockets every few years when new gear is released.