Buying a used PRIME GO questions

Hi. New to the forum, and considering buying a used PRIME GO. A new one is out of my budget but a used one seems to fit and will save at least $200. Anything I should be on the lookout for in buying a used unit, or first thing to check out?

Will it come with software or will I be able to update the OS on it, and to use the Engine software successfully with it since it will have been previously registered? Will I be able to register it with Denon to indicate that I am the new owner, etc.?

Thanks in advance!!

The library management sw is free. It’s called Engine Prime. You download it on your PC. The sw in the unit is called Engine OS and it would be on the unit. Firmware updates are like anything else…Download from Denon and update if the unit is on an older version. I suggest you read a bit here before updating to see what complaints people might have with the new firmware (if any).

As with anything else here, check build quality and consistency. Check all knobs to ensure they provide the same resistance as one another. check buttons to ensure they feel the same. Check faders etc.

I don’t know about registration. Perhaps send Denon an email to inquire about that so you get your response directly from the people that would honour it.

Good luck.