Buying a pair of sc5000m


I’m about to get a pair of new sc5000m for 999€ each. Are there getting any updates in the future when denon released there new products? Are there still any bugs confirmed? I mean are they worth the money espacially future wise?!

Thanks for response and sorry for my English-speaking.

Future Updates will continue (as promised by Denon DJ). They stated that the players are over engineered and future proof.

999 is a good price. Bought mine €1499 each.

No crazy bugs with the players. It’s the desktop software Engine prime that needs some improvements (which we are already seeing).

They are worth it for me, I guess time will tell if you feel the same about them after you purchase them.

They are awesome units :pray:

I got my SC5000M’s also and I love them. Best moving platter player in the world.


thank you all; im not sure to sell my 1210 and getting these cause i have read something about troubles with fast spinning platter and how hard it is to get the right tighten on the platter for best performance.

First: Never sell your 1210’s! :innocent:

Second: you’ll love playing with SC5000M’s.


Not hard to tighten them, you just raise the vinyl disc and use the supplied allen key.

I like mine loose, just like how i like my faders and other things

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Yeah, thats cool :sunglasses: slippery like butter :slight_smile: