Buy and use just one SC5000


I am looking to move to the SC5000, however cost is a barrier.

Would it be possible in the interim to just buy one unit to begin with? Will the layers provide a full 2-deck solution?

Also would anyone feel comfortable playing out with just one unit, using the layer function ?

Many thanks in advance

Absolutely! You have full control of 2 decks in 1 with the dual layers.

Might take abit of getting used to, but you will get the hang if it. Think there are a couple of guys with just 1 deck out there.

This how I plan to start with the Primes with 1 deck, once I have the money available.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi You certainly could use one but I am not sure what your experience would be without the X1800 mixer. A very tight intergration of BPM, Effects and in my opinion, the pitch control exists between the two units. I own a pair of SC5k’s without the mixer and I have noticed a delay of the pitch control when switching between layers. I have found that if I need to alter the pitch, using the pitch bend keys solves the delay of the pitch fader. I am still ignorant as I own these gorgeous machines for a month, so I am still learning. But this is a bonafide experience I have had and still have. The immense joy that these bring makes this a minor issue FOR ME. I hope that my input has helped you in some way. Perhaps you can go to a store and experience what occurres when using a unit with the mixer while primarily focusing on using the Layer Function, Pitch Fader and Pitch Bend keys as I have suggested.


Interesting - are you saying when switching between layers the pitch control is disabled for a few seconds?

Also, interesting that BPM wouldn’t be 100% between 2 tracks/layers on the same unit? I would have thought this would have been tighter than 2 separates?

Would be good to get further thoughts on this?

Maybe the pitch issue is a defect?

Ok… I thought the “latency” or delay idea sounded a bit odd, the first time I read this - and then time, other tasks etc got in the way. I’ve tested this a few moments ago and … no latency or delay etc on the pitch slider when changing layers beyond the normal “soft takeover” aka “Go fetch” aka “Go collect” functionality.

As best as I can, perhaps if I describe those “Soft takeover”/“Go collect” features: As we know, the pitch slider on the SC5000 isn’t motorised - in fact, for good reason where precision is needed, most faders aren’t motorised. So, if you’re on Layer A and have the pitch slider anywhere other than, (Lets say it’s at +8% when you change Layers the Layer B song will load in and play (when you push play) at pitch. If you want to adjust the pitch of the Layer B track you need to manually slide the pitch slider to where the pitch slider was on Layer A - the green UP and DOWN triangle LEDs will guide you. The pitch numeric display on the screen won’t move/change a digit until you “connect” the pitch slider position to the place where the pitch slider WAS on Layer A.

If you move the pitch slider slowly and it takes you two seconds to “go collect” the pitch slider to the value it was at on Layer A, then you might “perceive” that two seconds as “latency” or “delay”. If you move the pitch slider quickly, or don’t have very far to move it, and it only takes you an instant to match the pitch slider position to the pitch of the other layer, then “an instant” will be how quickly the other layer responds to pitch changes.

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I use one sc5000. I do a lot of my mixes with that I have no issue. Just need to get use to it. Also to help as well color code the jog wheel. That helps knowing which decks on each channel is on. I got use to eat many many years ago when I had the hs5500. Just hope with some upgrades like adding a time on when the other track is about to end so you can mixe it. They have a time warning but it does hurt to add that feature

I knew it would just be a matter of time and patience before i got to understand the machination of what was taking place. I think it was DJ Booth who tried to explain this to me to, but i simply didn’t get it. So to you Gee, i say thank you very much (you to DJ Booth) for having another go at it and explaining the way you have…now i have a much better understanding of the green up and down triangle’s purpose and i certainly see its function in a new light. For the record, if at any time prior to this post i seemed to suggest that this issue was a defect - this was not my intention.I simply never understood how this aspect of the technology works. Thanks!

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Its fine Sven, but thanks for clarifying.

As a “perfect world” alternative, some people have suggested that we ought to add motor-driven linear pots for the Pitch control. So that every time you changed layers, and loaded a new track, the pitch control would slide itself down to zero, ready for the new layer/track. Apart from the expense of a motor slider and driving circuitry there are other downsides to this - notably, motors leaving a fader in the zero click is quite a task.

So…as an alternative, we have “soft takeover” or “Collect”, as described above :smile: Some MIDI mixers have even described the feature as a “value clutch” but you’d have to have driven a manual gear lever car with three pedals to make sense of that one :wink:


For the Beginning one SC5k is absolute ok. The Pitch Problem is well known, as well by using 2 Sc5k with X1800. I Think it is gonna be fixed by a new firmware. It is a general Problem. The Pitch fader must be moved fast, then it reacts but that is no real problem but must be fixed. Answering your Question: ABSOLUTE ! I use 2 SC5k and in my set i often use just one by changing the layers. Works fantastic. So just begin with one and then later another. Even one SC5k is a much better Workflow than any MIDI-Controller i used before! It´s worth it.

Sorry for my english, I´m German but i do my best

From what I have read here, every single time when somebody complained about that issue it turns out people haven’t read the manula/have no idea what soft takeover is. Is there some real issue?

Many thanks for all the responses.

It definitely sounds like one SC5000, without an X1800 mixer is still absolutely fit for purpose .

I also don’t think I will have a problem with the ‘fetch’ functionality on the pitch - this does not sound like a defect and sounds very similar to the pitch functionality within Algoriddim’s DJay Pro software when using a controller I.e you have to ‘fetch’ a ghost pitch button to bring to the correct tempo - only really needed when not using sync or when you need to speed / speed down the next track.

I guess the final question is whether the Denon’s will become industry standard ? But probably one for another time …:slight_smile:

I started with one SC. Just had money for one at that time…

I did many short mix sessions at home with the two layers and an analog mixer. No sweat! Pitch slider catch-up function works fine; just follow green triangle.

Layers color coded ofcourse, but did not make a mistake during every session. Remembering the days of the first Denon cd-player with tray 1-2 function and one jog wheel to manage it all…that was terrible! Forgetting to change 1 to 2 and bam, music gone.

I got hooked after one SC. Never touched my Traktor D2’s anymore… I just went all out and had to get me the whole Prime setup! The mixer is also an amazing piece of hardware!!

Yeah, I had no idea what “soft takeover” is. I have never been exposed to it or been fortunate to have someone kind enough to educate me. Until I bought Prime and asked my question here, it was never a complaint. So I have no issue.

this will kill any implementation of instant double that a lot of Serato users are waiting before switching totally to denon dj.

It’s a description of a motorized studio fader that’s not present on SC5000 and as such has zero effect on the requested instant double feature.

I used one sc5k with a mcx8000 for a few months and did many mixes and added them to mixcloud. It’s takes a while to get used to it but def is awesome when you do. Having the album art on the deck helps knowing which song is on and which isn’t, as well as you can’t change the song when one is playing so you don’t accidentally turn off the wrong track. Also said above is the different colors for different layers also is a big help. I still use one all the time even now with another sc5 and the 1800 mixer. It’s really fun and challenging

In my case i use green color for left channel and red for right channel as red is always indication for right. You will get use to layers if color code indicate your left or right channel.

Not a problem. The SC5000 has a menu/preferences option of “Reset deck on Load” which can be switched on or off by the user. This setting is remembered by the deck for each gig.

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I never noticed that and my players are in their boxes at the moment. Do they indeed have a “Reset deck on Load” in menu/preferences, and why would that need to be optional? I can imagine no possible circumstance where softtakeover should still be necessary after loading a new track as it’s purely a requirement of the layer change and if you load a new track you’re obviously not going to play the prior track on that layer anymore. Loading a new track should always see the pitch’s physical position immediately on that layer. Can users confirm this option exists, and does anyone have a good reason for it just being an option and not a permanent feature?

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