Buttons Request to DENON

Can we please see improvements in the standard buttons on controllers. DJ product producers should have a lot of science here, especially ones connected to standard music systems too.

I’m not the heaviest of handed yet my MC7000 has 3 more broken buttons. My FX A button on/off, right deck is broken and the Cues. We’re not talking the tact switches here either, they’re still fine. The plastic supports don’t last long enough.

Denon was nice enough to send me a replace Cue section but, in transit, the lug holding the SYNC button was damaged. Simply putting it in a Postage jiffy bag wasn’t enough.

Hopefully the newer models will see improvements here.

Since the MC7000 we have released the MCX8000 and the new Prime 4 DJ system. We’re constantly working on improvements to our products as we grow our family of equipment. Please be assured equipment quality is high on our priorities.

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The MCX8000 also has issues with the sub-frame for the play/pause buttons collapsing. A few threads on this forum about it already Chloe.



Honestly… I’m not! But, I have experienced that feeling of dread when you lift your hand, stare at your fingers and the fader is still in them, metal shaft included. Way to excited with the treble dashing! Considering the years and time spend Dj’ing the 3 times that’s happened can be excused!

It used to take a lot of abuse before the rubber pads came loose on the old rack mounts 1800f etc. It never happened to mine but many a venue I’ve worked had the issue. I don’t think the new buttons can take anything close to the same abuse.