BUG?: Requested quality is not allowed in user's subscription

After OTA Upgrade to 1.6.2 i also made a new Tidal Test suscription (HI FI Master Sound), because i recently buyed a Prime Go, so new Coupon.

Whatever album/whatever quality I choose I get the message

Track not available. Requested quality is not allowed in user’s subscription

Playback in the App is possible.

Anyone else with the problem or has a simple solution?


I think that You need to first go to the settings of Tidal in your browser of the computer, and then check what quality setting will match the one for Denon to download.

Subsceiption is

TIDAL HI FI Master Sound Quality

According to Tidal (on their website)

“That depends on your TIDAL subscription. Premium users can only stream in High Quality (AAC), while HiFi users have the option to choose between High Quality (AAC) and HiFi Quality (FLAC).”

For more info check their FaQ for streaming on Denon:


Thank you for your help. According to the Tidal FAQ´s i have the adequate subscription for DenonDJ gear. I opened a ticket at Tidal and the handed it over to their tech support.