Bug Report: Prime Go Split Cue

I appreciate that Split Cue was added to the mixer settings of the Prime Go, but I’ve encountered two bugs with it so far:

  1. The setting does not persist across power cycles, and defaults to “off” whenever the Prime Go is powered on. This is specific to Split Cue; Cue Solo Mode and Split Cue Output settings are saved properly.
  2. When Split Cue is on, it does not sum the cue to mono and send to the left ear. Instead it trims out anything in the track that was panned to the right. This is especially troublesome with song intros that are panned to one side or the other.

Engine OS version is 2.3.2.


Engine team, Could you guys make the master output return to both sides of the headphones when no cue button is pressed? …thanks in advance

Does it at least have the options of Normal, Split, and Invert even if it’s dropping the other side’s channel?

Is it hidden in the settings or is it an on screen touch button?

Does split/invert turn off when you have no cues selected?

Thank you for bringing this up. This is still an issue with Engine OS 3.1.0 and really needs to be fixed.