BUG - Pitch Reset SC6000 / SC5000 (and others?)

Well by the chance i am too stupid - please forgive me in advance

But if not we have a BIG FAT problem here:


I pitch a song to whatever value away from 0%

what i want to do:

  • Reset the Pitch to 0 by the Press of a Button

(a very important and basic function if you mix Multigenre, for example you pitch a high value up or down to transition between Genres in the intro Bars of a song and then want to reset on the first beat of bar when the first chorus or singing starts for example.)

according to the Manual this is working like following: (original Text copied from the manual) :

"to reset the track’s pitch to 0%, press Shift+Key Lock/Pitch Reset. The track’s pitch will return to its original pitch (0%) regardless of the position of the pitch fader. "

Well the point is: THIS DOESNT WORK!

Not on the SC5000 and not on the SC6000 (other models not tested)

  • Keylock active or not: same result.

  • Tempo sync active or not: same result.

mistake aprooved on Firmware 3.2 and 3.3 Dec 2023

anybody else?

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IIRC, they got rid of it or replaced it with something else, but it didn’t bother me because I never used that function.

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Wow. For me its such a basic essential function inspecific when you mix wide genres with huge tempo differences and you do a transition on a exessivly high or low speed of the next song and need to come back to 0 at the first hit in a specific bar. and its a shame nobody of Denon replied to that. As they were the only ones who KNEW that they deleted an advertised function. or it was a BUG as mentioned and it just got “lost” and will be fixed in the next firmware - hopefully.

Isn’t it just as easy to move the pitch fader to zero as it would be to press shift + key lock?

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It’s the same behavior for me on SC5000M. Shift+Key Lock/Pitch Reset doesn’t do anything :frowning:

Considering the original function wasn’t very useful, shift+keylock could be a quick way to reset the key to its original key immediately rather than a double tap, and we could also be able to lock the key to something other than the original key. So, you have keylock off, move the pitch slider to about 2.975, press just keylock, and it locks the key to about half a tone in the positive. Then you can move the pitch slider anywhere you want. If instead of locking to that key amount on the fader you wanted to lock to the original key, you would press shift+keylock. Obviously bringing back the little colored line & gap under key would be helpful.