[Bug] Engine DJ 4.0.0 puts all Traktor hotcues at the beginning of the track

In Traktor Preferences > Analyze Options, I have UNCHECKED “Store Beatmarker as Hotcue”. This means that Traktor will store the grid marker as a separate cue, which cannot be triggered as a hotcue. In Traktor’s collection.nml it will look like this:

<CUE_V2 NAME="AutoGrid" DISPL_ORDER="0" TYPE="4" START="198.517000" LEN="0.000000" REPEATS="-1" HOTCUE="-1"></CUE_V2> <CUE_V2 NAME="n.n." DISPL_ORDER="0" TYPE="3" START="198.517000" LEN="0.000000" REPEATS="-1" HOTCUE="0"></CUE_V2> <CUE_V2 NAME="n.n." DISPL_ORDER="0" TYPE="0" START="47027.800000" LEN="0.000000" REPEATS="-1" HOTCUE="1"></CUE_V2> <CUE_V2 NAME="n.n." DISPL_ORDER="0" TYPE="0" START="117271.687732" LEN="0.000000" REPEATS="-1" HOTCUE="2"></CUE_V2>

Note the first cue has HOTCUE=“-1”, indicating this is not a hotcue. This causes Engine DJ to put all subsequent cues, which are hotcues, at the beginning of the track.

However, if I load a track where the grid marker has HOTCUE=“0”, Engine DJ puts all subsequent cues in the correct place.

I am not entirely convinced anymore it’s about the first cue not being a hotcue, as some tracks do have their hotcues imported correctly. These are all AIFF tracks purchased on Beatport or Traxsource, so I don’t think it has to do with the file format.

Example in Traktor:

And in Engine DJ:

Hey @ErikMinekus it’s hard to establish what the exact problem is here, if you could provide more info we may be able to help.

  • Does it happen for all tracks? i.e. are there particular file types this is a problem for?
  • Have you imported tracks to Engine from Traktor previously and not come across this issue?
  • Do the Beatport or Traxsource tracks have pre-determined cue points added to the track metadata by these providers? You can check this by opening the files in an ID3 tag editor (Kid3 is free and recommended)
  • If you import the same file directly into Engine DJ without having Traktor involved, does the same issue occur?

Alternatively you could try contacting our support team, and they will be able to troubleshoot this with you by gathering data etc to help investigate the problem.

After deleting all the imported tracks from my Engine collection and re-importing them from Traktor, the hotcues are now in the right place. So not sure what went wrong the first time, but this can be closed. Thanks for your input @MikeC.

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