Bug but maybe not serious one

OK, so after March I purchased my prime 4 I am more than happy until now. BUT I have to report something that happens first time 3 weeks ago but then I did not take it seriously until today it happened again. So what happened 2 times is that when I am in computer mode and I have my windows 10 explorer open and checking my prime 4 ssd disk files and Folders, suddenly led level indicators power up and stay on all leds, green to blue. Or today the same happened but 3 hot cues were lit and the main output leds turned on. So after this I switched to standalone mode and for the first 30 secs of boot it told me that no files in ssd but when I rebooted prime from main switch everything was OK. From my IT expert view I think that some kind of conflicts happens, not always, with usb drivers and computer mode. Maybe Denon developers to take a look on This. Here is the photo from today in computer mode

In computer mode prime 4 will listen to any midi signals on channel 1. If Your computer will generate any midi signals and send it to prime 4, then it can light up some stuff on the console. But drive error is a different thing. This two things could be related anyway.

Hello noise rider, yes maybe this happens but I have never been involved in my life with midi. But anyway I will check today, who knows, maybe in past I have install something that maybe cause this? It does not happen everytime. This is also strange.

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This would worry me.

My first thought would be that there’s some excess voltage being fed from laptop to Prime 4 theough the joining usb cable.

I’d try a different USB port Out from the computer and even a different computer to see if the problem persists.


I use the normal blue denon cable and the laptop is a dell latitude 5490. For me what is strange is that is not happening always. In 10 connections to computer mode it will do it 1 or 2 times. Maybe its the power of usb as you say, who knows??? Does anyone here noticed this strange behavior?