'broke' my sc5000s during the update - where to get 1.4.1 hardware update from?

Hello, I have not updated my sc5000 players since the version 1.3.1. I wanted to update today, went to Denon website, but no hardware update was available in the Downloads section. I therefore just pressed the ‘update now/restart’ button in Utility, thinking it would ask me for wifi login and password and download the update itself. It has not. It is just stuck on one screen, I suspect it is waiting for a usb stick with 1.4.1.

So, what do I do? How do I exit the update mode, where do I get the 1.4.1 update from?

I must say this is disappointing. Either the legacy updates should be easily available, or players should have mechanisms built in to allow updates without the need of downloading legacy updates.

I would be grateful for a quick help:) I was actually planning to record a mix tonight!


you should be able to find it here. I googled Denon prime firmware update.

If you scroll down the page then select OS, you should then be able to pick your player and the firmware file that you need.

On that web page, scroll down and select ‘Engine OS’ from the 2 available options, then scroll down to the version of Firmware you want and select your model, then download it for whatever media you want to use to update, in your case ‘USB uploader’

Thanks! I went to this website before but assumed downlaod from my user account would have all the stuff needed. lets try. Is there a way to exit the update mode though?

Not sure on that, im guessing there is some way to turn off the player safely but not looked into it myself.

1.4.1 seems a very old firmware version, wouldn’t you be best updating to the latest available one?

If you do go above version 2 you will need to update Engine desktop too as the database has changed.

yes, I am planning to update to the latest version, but I wasn’t sure whether it wont be necessary to do an intermediate update first.

I just presssed and held the power button for a while to exit the update mode, and nothign bad happened!

No you should be fine going straight to the latest, just don’t forget to update your desktop software to match or it won’t work. I think the release notes will provide more detail on this.

Yeah, I can see now that I can go straight - that’s good

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