Bring Back FX in headphones

Ever since I saw the first Denon product i fell in love with the aesthetics, the look, and feel for it. User friendly and easy to pick up on. One key feature that was removed, and I think a lot of us can agree is that the Filter FX should be able to be heard in headphones. Not being able to hear how the FX affect the track is a huge down grade especially since all other companies like Pioneer and even cheaper decks are capable of doing. I believe as a community we wanted more FX added without removing anything , and the update never specified that it was going to remove such feature. A choice would’ve been nice. now I have to go find the link for a previous update and complicate my experience, and sacrifice not being able to use new features for a feature that should be on the system regardless of updates. In my opinion Denon was equal to Pioneer; if not better, but tbh now I don’t know if that’s true. I know the update to change that was a while ago, but there have been no comments of we’re working on adding that or we’re not going to add that which puts it in an uncomfortable grey zone of will it ever or not. I’ll just stick to the update 2.-something.

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There’s a feature request made for this - you can cast your vote at :blush:

I hope for this to be implemented as well - fingers crossed :blush:

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Moin @DonXulio,

in this link you will find the thread, regarding your problem:

I hope, DENON is working on it and the request will be solved within the next update.

Be sure, not only you is missing this feature.

Enjoy the weekend and brgds BeatMaster

Not quite true I’m afraid, any regular users of Pioneer equipment will know this.

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Which ones? Standalones or just the laptop midi DJ software control models? Models?

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