Brand New SC5000 stuck looking for computer with Serato

I have an X1850 and 2x SC5000’s, all brand new and only 3 days old. First thing I did was check the firmware and made sure everything is up to date. Everything seems to run fine using USB Media, however I’d prefer to run Serato through it. I’m having a problem with 1 of the SC5000’s when switching to Computer Mode, it can’t seem to find my macbook (running latest OSX and Serato software) and is stuck on a loading screen with the only open to switch to standalone available (i can’t load a picture as I’ve only just signed up to the forum). However, it works absolutely fine on the second SC5000 I have. I’ve tried running the daisy chain setup I’ve seen in other posts (mac → X1850, mac → SC 1 USB OUT, SC 1 USB 2 → SC 2 USB OUT) and only SC 2 worked. I also had it working with only SC 2 plugged in. Tried only plugging in SC 1 and nothing, just the same Computer Mode loading screen. I’m seconds away from going out to buy a powered USB hub but I’m worried I’ll still have the same problem because it’s not reading as a single device.

Does anyone know a fix for this problem? Thank you for any help :slight_smile:

Hi. Try using a powered usb hub. That’s how I have my units plugged to my computer and works flawlessly.

Did you try swapping the USB cables?

Try the midi troubleshooting guide in Serato.

Went out and got a powered USB hub and same thing. I had already tried swapping the cables, no joy there either. As I can now upload pictures, here is all I’m getting on the SC5000 that wont pick up Serato. Just stays on this screen, while the second SC5000 takes seconds to find Serato and switch in to Computer Mode.

If the serato guide is not helping might be a faulty unit.

Noooooo! :sob: Serato picks up the mixer fine, it’s just the SC5000 that wont do anything but display the above. I’ve been trying all day to get this to work haha. I’ve sent a tech support request through to Denon, so hopefully there’s a fix for it I can do at home without sending it in or swapping the unit over. Once I hear back from them, if there’s a fix I’ll post it here for anyone that might come across the issue.

Have you got any (correctly formatted) storage plugged into it? Flash drive, SD card?

If so, your computer should see it as external storage when you connect the USB cable.

Don’t all the units have to be directly connected for Serato to work i.e not to the mixer? Sure that’s the case. Just make sure all units are directly (or via the hub) connected to the MacBook, not daisy chaining through each other.


You can dj 4 serato decks with 1 SC and a Mixer.

Best practice is to connect the mixer directly, the players can be daisy chained, direct plug or even a hub.


Found this

Last throw of the dice, flash the firmware again…

I’ve reinstalled the firmware, went back to 1.2.2, which is the version that came installed on the SC5000 when i started it up for the first time. Then installed each version again, trying to get Serato to work with each, all the way up to 1.4.1 and still not getting anything but the loading screen.

Had a look in the System Profiler as suggested, please see the supplied image for reference to my findings.

  1. X1850, SC5000 and Macbook connected, SC5000 in standalone mode.
  2. X1850, SC5000 and Macbook connected, “faulty” SC5000 stuck on Computer Mode loading screen
  3. X1850, SC5000 and Macbook connected, working SC5000 in Computer Mode

It seems like the screen on the “faulty” SC5000 is not connecting in some way and causing the fault :thinking:

There you have it.

I noticed that you have Serato running in the background

Did you try checking the USB profile without Serato or the X1850 connected

Using the same direct usb cable , plug the good SC to MacBook and note the profile, then unplug it. Do the same for the dodgy unit

Exactly identical to images #2 and #3 above without the X1850 on the list as it wasn’t connected. Looks to be a hardware fault, somehow the screen isn’t talking to the computer even though it works fine when a USB drive is plugged in. I’ll call my place of purchase today and see if there’s anything they can do for me while I wait for Denon Tech Support to reply to my query.

EDIT!!! It wouldn’t let me make another post so I had to edit this one haha.

I rang up the store i purchased it from, they said to bring it in and troubleshoot there with them. Did that and same result. Must have been an issue internally. All the store had to swap it over with was their display unit, so we tested that and it all works fine, got offered the swap with full warranty on the replacement as well.

Couldn’t get a solve via software unfortunately.

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At my end.

So must have been hardware issues for that unit.

Great that you are got sorted out!