Bpm transition tracks?

Just received my sc5000s today. When using a usb with my rekordbox playlist, my transition tracks don’t have the correct bpm. I think I’ve read that it can’t be fixed on the players. Can engine prime set a track with 2 different bpms? thanks



I stay away from these tracks but maybe you can do this:

Track is 90 but goes up to 125; set the grid and bpm for the track in EP to 90 so at least your mix in point is correct and in the file name remind yourself the track changes to 125 so you remember when your busy at a gig and trying to mix out…Not sure if I am making any sense in how I am describing it and if it would work but that’s what I thought of…

Hopefully in the future EP will support this.

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Cool thanks. I only have a few and was curious. I don’t really want to use EP but I may have to.

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