BPM Sync Quick Reset

Hi all,

So i just tried using sync on both decks… It seems to work ok by locking the current bpm to all songs… And it seems that one side of the pitch fader seems to control both sides… So far so good…

But then i went to regain full control over one of the decks i could not locate where the quick bpm reset was… I tried turning sync off (unhighlighted) and i also turned keylock off (unhighlighted)… Just tryinging anything…

I also tried pressing and holding down the sync button… That was a diaster… As it quickly stopped all music playback and did a CUE reset to the beginning of the track. Beware!! Do not do this during a gig!! I really wished holding down the sync button did a bpm and or pitch reset

The pitch control was still not releasing… Until i finally moved the pitch slider all the way up and down like several times which led to an uncontrollable release for a few seconds.

What am i missing here?? I just want a quick way to go back to the tracks original BPM.



Look at the green arrow LEDs at the top and bottom of the pitch slider - they are there solely for this reason.

If you need to move the pitch control UP to get back to the original pitch number, then the UP led arrow will be lit. If you need to move the pitch control DOWN to get back to the original pitch number, then the DOWN led arrow will be lit.

Simply move the pitch control smoothly in the direction that the lit LED arrow tells you and you’ll be back at the original BPM with the pitch control “reconnected” to the pitch value

This should be a feature request. Something like shift+sync to bring back to original bpm.

I know: a handy “TEMPO RESET” button like there is on Pioneer is missing.

Here you find a feature request that you can rate (with :heart:): LINK

Perhaps it is more intuitive to hold down the SYNC button for a few seconds, but to eliminate the track duplication function which can be conveniently done by pressing the opposite LOAD button twice.

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I couldn’t agree more… Holding down the Sync button to reset the BPM is a “fantastic” idea (If not brilliant)… Way better than its current function of holding the Sync button down triggers stopping the music during playback and restarting the song from the beginning… Which makes no sense. :man_shrugging:


Curious how this will work with the layers.


  • You reset tempo on layer A
  • Toggle to layer B, soft takeover resumes
  • Toggle back to Layer A soft takeover comes back on again?

Does the function become unavailable when using layers or more than 2 decks?

In my use, I’d need it to happen immediately. Ie: using two synced tracks with loops getting smaller to create a buildup to the drop of one of the other tracks.

Pressing SYNC for a few seconds causes the track duplication command from one deck to another: the same command is obtained if you quickly press the LOAD key twice.

You are right: it would take a special TEMPO RESET button, but since it is not there, we have to make do with the one available. Pressing SHIFT + SYNC is an awkward operation because it forces you to use two hands, as the two buttons are far apart.

Perhaps a solution would be this: if I deactivate the SYNC function (i.e. the blue button goes off), then the tempo must gradually go from the current tempo (i.e. the one set automatically by SYNC) up to the tempo set by the TEMPO slider. By doing so, if the slider remains in the central position (white LED on), we obtain that at each deactivation of the SYNC we can restore the time to the original speed. Do you think there could be some problem?

That would work. That’s currently how Serato functions.

Hi… Yes, mufasa cleared that up for me… We don’t need two ways to add duplicate tracks…

I fully support a long press of the Sync button to be changed to a BPM reset or whichever good ideas you guts suggest. This would be very useful to all and is much needed.

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Unfortunately none of us can decide what will be implemented in a new release. The only thing we can do is give our vote to a feature request that we believe is right and eventually write our suggestions and MAYBE it will be read by the Denon DJ team.