BPM Supreme Wi-fi Intergration

Hi I just spoke with BPM Supreme and they are open to integrate their updated music with your Hardware and Software! This will be excellent for the Dj community!


Good to know, thank you.

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That would be awesome!!!

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Yes!!! That would be beyond awesome!! Please make this happen!

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Another record pool.

I googled their site to look for differences between them and all the other record pools.

It seems their difference is sneaky pricing - their big font advertised prices DOUBLE after the first month

Why can’t they just be clear and honest ?

All that said though - they shouldn’t charge anything like their download price for their streaming / never yours service.

I’ve been using BPMsupreme for years now. For Audio and Video.

They do have an introductory price, cant remember if it’s for a month or so. Just like other pools have their own ways to attract new subscribers.

I do the $19.99 monthly sub.

There is nothing “sneaky” about it.

I’m also subscribed to 3 other dj pools.


Dont see it as a sneaky price setup. They give you the option to test it for a month at half price and after that you pay the full price.

Think its quite clear on their site.


Yup, love BPM Supreme. Legit bunch and never had any problems.


I’m serious I just spoke with them. They said to contact them via their website email ASAP. They are ready when you are.

I have passed this info on but please bear in mind we have a sizeable road map of work already planned.

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BPM ■■■■■ now. I can’t find top 40s. That is unacceptable. At least that should be something they should stay on top of if anything. I’m just waiting for my month to end to cancel.

Yeah seems like something is up with them. I can’t find any dJ khaled songs …I m gonna reach out


Yep, that’s another one I can’t find.

Hey please lemme know what you find out Mufasa! Thx!

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I did reach out …not sure what to make of the reply.

I find top 40 all the time

I agree we need fast access to music within the hardware

I’m sorry about that. Thank you for helping us DJs. We truly appreciate it and I’m definitely buying prime because of you!

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Scroll down it’s on the main page or just click genre. Not hard

Yep, this is what got, but that doesn’t give me an answer. I think I might cancel and then go back if they get their poop together.