BPM Supreme integration

So Record Box has integrated BPM supreme, to their streaming list, so how long before other software like Engine DJ has this type of integration? Just a :thinking:

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NEVER, hopefully. BPM Supreme’s audio quality is not consistent…

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Why would something called BPM supreme have anything to do with audio quality?

I think they now have a streaming platform just like Tidal, Beatsource.

This to me would imply that there would be more label supplied material on the DSP vs the original pool. Just like DJ City vs Beatsource.

Thats a sign pioneer are scraping round for featutes.

PERFECTLY PUT… I personally hate all this streaming but as i have said numerous times i cant aleays get a good internet signal at my venues… therefore streaming would be tant amount suicide for me

Conversely I’ve only had one venue in probably 50 without a decent signal. And that was in a tiny fishing village miles from nowhere.

Weird that.

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Yea, my biggest problem with streaming is, you can’t sort playlist by BPM, even on the services that provide the beats per minute, I live in the city of Houston, so I always just use my hotspot for AT&t, but I can imagine living on the outskirts of town could be tough to get internet

I don’t know maybe because they are a record pool…

You are right, I just read the article in full.

There is a workaround to manage this. It will however takes some time to get it done and you need some 3rd party tools.

The workaround:

  1. Import your Tidal playlist in Rekordbox (you need to switch to performance mode to see your Tidal playlists). Rightclick on the playlist and choose for Import. The playlist will be imported to your Rekordbox library.
  2. Analyse the playlist you’ve imported in step 1 (this will take a while, depending on your playlist)
  3. Close Rekordbox
  4. Install the tool “Lexicon” (you can try it for 30 days, after 30 days you (unfortunately) need to take a subscription).
  5. Import your Rekordbox library in Lexicon, the playlist will appear in you Lexicon Library
  6. Export your playlist from the Lexicon library to your EngineDJ library (my advice: export it to a USB thumb drive, otherwise your Denon library will be overwritten).

Your Tidal playlist is available in EngineDJ (on your DenonDJ player) and looks like a regular playlist. Tracks will be coloured red (it looks if they are unavailable) it is however possible to load tracks (you need to be logged in into Tidal on your player). You don’t need to switch to your Tidal library, just browse on the USB stick (it doesn’t contain the actual music, it only stores the metadata of your playlist).


Let’s get the information correct.

Pioneer DJ announced BPM Supreme would be added with 6.6.4, but it has not. Official announcement

Why thank you for your correctness :man_facepalming: