BPM Off on this 4/4 track

Cant figure out why, but the players and EP are both analyzing thE BPM wrong of this 4/4 prog house track

Rekordbox gets it right at 121bpm but Prime has it at 113 w the pitch in the middle


The track is John Cosani - Magneto

It analyzes wrong from Tidal as well

Any ideas?

It’s Engine Prime’s / Engine OS bpm algorithm messing up.

Does this happen w Rekordbox? I havent seen it happen with rb

RB has better BPM detection algorithm compared to EP.

You can correct that manually when you have the song loaded in a player in Engine Prime. Yes the EP get the BPM wrong sometimes but they are working of a new improved algorithm. There are some more features in the pipe-line.

No Tidal in EP


Its a track from Tidal

A 4/4 track that its strange Sc5000 has the beat wrong at 113 on a 121 bpm track

It’s strange because with the old release of Engine prime i don’t have too many issues with BPM and House & Techno tracks but now i have lot of tracks with wrong and messed up BPM especially with “easy” bpm like 125 to 130