BPM not shown on song title but is shown on deck after analyzation

I’ve always wondered why when some songs are loaded on either deck, the bpm isn’t filed with the song title filename but it does show on the deck. It doesn’t happen on all songs just some. How is this corrected. *I have my track title setting on metadata.

Analyse all tracks in Engine dj and all bpms will show. Not analysed tracks are not known in the data base so the player does not have the bpm readout. When You load that song, the player will analyse it and add the bpm info to the data base on Your usb or sd card.

I left out an important part. I was referring to Tidal songs. I included it in the hashtag but not in the title or my explanation. Thanks.

Tidal is a whole different story… This will only be the tracks that You played.

I can play the whole song on some songs and the bpm is still not included on that song in the playlist or any other time you choose to play it. To repeat, the bpm is still shown on the deck but it isn’t saved to that song for later. Only on some songs, not all.

Maybe this topic is more relevant:

Actually bpm’s did appear after restarting the unit. This time. I’m just wondering if it always work this way now. When this didn’t work might have been during a previous software version. I’ll keep a keen eye on this. THANK YOU!