BPM moves when playing with CDs (solved)



I’ve just bought the SC3900 and when I put CDs on the 2 players the BPM is constantly moving a little bit up and down! When I press BPM lock, the BPM is not moving on the screen but 2 same track with the same BPM and it doesn’t match.

I have the last update and the platter is in MID.

Does someone can help me please?



Its normal for the BPM to constantly adjust either by small variances eg: 125.6 to 125.5 to 125.7 over and over again.

It’s also normal for some BPMs to double and half eg: 120bpm might drop to 60bpm during an instrumental break or rise to 240bpm during a crescendo or fill-in

Some other makes get around the constant visual changes to BPM by only having the BPM display visually update every 30 seconds or so, but that’s only a workaround.

Besides use the BPM read outs as a rough guide - it should be a DJs ears doing all the work.


Hi DyLaw, BPM Lock does just that, it wont change/update until the track is changed. Same as when using the TAP feature.

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Please update your firmware then try again:

It may also be your CD-R type media DyLaw

Hi There! Problem solved!!! :wink: It was the update version of the firmware!!!

Now with the latest vesrion it works perfectly fine, the bpm in now stable…