BPM is way off on engine

I am a bit lost, imported all my music to engine but some songs have their BPM way off, like very slow songs will be at 130 BPM where the actual BPM is around 85 , not sure what I am doing wrong, I switched auto analysis to off and tried to reanalyze a few times but that didn’t fix the problem , is this a common problem on engine?

It’s a common problem with all DJ Software and you should manually intervene if the software hasn’t read the BPM properly.

The fastest 20 tracks in my Soul and Disco folder are actually slow tracks where the Bpm hasn’t read correctly, this is the same on Serato, RB or Engine, but not necessarily the same tracks.

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thank god we can adjust grid/bpm on the devices when we noticed we missed a track in prepping session…

Set the bpm range in engine for the types of music that you play/are analysing - there are several ranges that you can select from


If the track is half the speed that is detected (or double) then you can halve or double the BPM within engine.

All DJ softwares have these quirks but some show a few more than others.

There is the buttons to halve or double the BPM in Engine DJ around the grid edit section.

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Also make sure that there is no BPM info in the track metadata before you import as (depending on your settings) Engine will just take that as the right info and just shove a grid over it.

Someone will correct me if I am wrong, but if that has happened, analyse a track twice and I think it overwrites this.



As wrote here, reanalyse your tracks as they take their original BPM and trust it. You need to reanalyse to get the Engine algorithm which is pretty accurate.

Coming from Traktor, i’d say it had much better BPM detection on my funk, soul & disco tracks.

I’ve got to the point now where i dont even bother trying to correct those genrea tracks any more and just make manual loop-in and loop-out points beginning and end of those tracks i want to mix that denon has got wrong - at least i know my loop is a stable bpm. Luckily mixing by ear for years before controllers appears has come in handy again since i got the SC Live 4

I would say its more that adequate on most dance music though

I moved from Rekordbox, and that was pretty useless at funk and disco tracks too. The adaptive BPM was pretty unhelpful too as it made beatgridding tracks even harder.

I am happy mixing by ear, but some of those old tracks have wild bpm swings at the start of tracks. If any DJ can keep up with them, then kudos to them. I’ll gladly admit I’m not good enough to keep up, and will earn the right to use sync by making my beat grids bang on instead :stuck_out_tongue:


It happens to some songs even on Serato DJ pro. Not sure if this is your problem but when you see this I usually cut the bpm it shows in half and it’s usually correct once you do that. So your 130 BPM song would be 65 BPM. See if this helps you out at all and I hope it works for you.