BPM - Even after Re-Analyze wrong

Hi guys

After my first 2 weeks, a lot of Youtube Videos im really struggeling with Engine DJ. I have Drum and Bass and Hardstyle as my main Genres.

After feeding the library, it set like 95% of my Drum and Bass Tracks to like 86-88 BPM (DnB is around 170 usually).

For Hardstyle its even worse. Some tracks have 149,5bpm, some 60.

What is going on with this tool? In Serato all my Tracks are at 150 or 155.

Is there a way to fix this?

Try this

  1. Set the bpm range for analysis to the highest value I think it’s 95 - 180 or something

  2. Now select all your tracks again and run “reanalysis” . It’s the second option when you right click on tracks.

  3. You may need to do it twice if the first pass still returns half time values.

Good luck

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If mufasa’s suggestion works for you, that’s best. Otherwise, if the BPM are indeed half, you can double them by clicking the x2 on the grid editor. But, you’d have to do that one-by-one. If you studied up maybe you knew that. EnginePrimeBeatEditor Other options–

  • Manually set the BPM in the grid editor. If you don’t know it set the beat grid on the first downbeat and iterate until the grid matches.
  • Import the collection from Serato. I sometimes do that with Rekordbox and it imports the beat grid. It even imports Rekordbox dynamic beat grids. In the latter, I prefer to warp classic disco, funk and rock with Ableton (or buy a modern edit).

Thanks so much. Im comming from Traktor and its really a hard switch from Pioneer Gear (Hardware Only) to the Denon Setup.

Sorry if some questions sound stupid…but sometimes its just small things i cannot find myself :slight_smile:

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No question is stupid.

We have all been there.

In relation to analysis vs reanalysis.

They do two different things

Analysis - looks for what the tracks tags does not have, eg if a file already has bpm tag it will not recalculate it, so it runs through the process faster

Reanalysis - deep rinsing, it does everything again ie key, bpm

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