BPM Display not working

After downloading the recent firmware update 1.2 for the x1800 mixer, I noticed that the BPM display screen, also where the utilities menu options would show (the bottom screen) is not functioning. Has anyone experienced this issue? I have re-installed the update and it is still not displaying information. I can only see the effect names on the top screen. I can not select a factory reset since I can not see the menu items under utilities while the display is not showing information. Any possible solutions out there?

if you think the mixer is still functioning when you turn knobs and stuff, maybe we can tell you the steps to take to do the factory rest blind (if it works)…just as a start to the troubleshooting. I’m not home but if interested, I can send something later tonight (I’m in eastern time/New York time).

Anyone else in front of their mixer, feel free to post directions before me :slight_smile:

Hey djmarkv, I got a unit with the latest firmware already installed. Have similar problem – but instead of bottom display, in my case, the top one doesn’t work, so I can’t see what active effect is selected. Not sure if that’s a hardware or software issue. I did reset to factory defaults – doesn’t fix it. Did you find a solution for your problem? Did you discuss it with support?

I’m writing to support right now, but curious about your experience. Thanks!

Hey, after several attempts to reset the mixer with Denon support, I ended up receiving a new unit since it was still under warranty. None of the troubleshooting that Denon support went through to try to solve the problem worked. Ultimately it was defective. Continue to reach out and hopefully it is not like mine and something can work out for you, or if it’s still under warranty you can send it back for a replacement. I have not had a single issue with the replacement unit. Good luck!

Thank you so much for the feedback, man! Will wait for support to get back to me and take it from there!