Bpm detection wrong by x2

I have tracks that show with 82 bpm in Engine OS as well as on Prime 4. But when I want to script them with Soundswitch, SS says the bpm is 41… I checked that with a tag editor and … guess what - it is 41. I re-analyzed the track but noc change … Engine says 82 and Tag says 41.

I know that 41 is too low. But why does Engine OS then write 41 and not 82? And what should I do? I do not want to go through lots of tracks to correct this manually.

Engine does not write bpm tags to the file but to its database. What if you remove the tag?

Yes indeed. I verified this with several scenarios. The interesting question is: if the value in the mp3-tag differs from the value in database - what value will external programs use? Soundswitch seems to use the tag value. Ad even when I delete the tag value it keeps using the old, wrong value. I MUST manually write the correct value to the tag to make Soundswitch use it.

Of course this is a problem that came from history. Some of these files are more than 10 years old and nobody knows how these values came in. What can be done here? It is a lot of work to ckeck all the bpms manually.