BPM Analyze of Recordbox edited songs

Friends, as Prime – Fan I’m searching the way how to adjust the BPM on the fly. Please help

It quite awkward if you are referring jumping quite large BPM gaps, In Cross DJ you could quite easily jump/catch it with just a slight movement but cant remember how that worked,

The only way I know is to move the pitch until it catches and sharply move it on to the desired Higher or lower BPM which is no easy task. Its was something I was expecting in relation to the key lock, maybe its possible as I get that notion in the advertisements. I still have to have a better look at this system but at present I am still battling with my hard drive, but soon as I find out for sure myself I will let you know if its possible to jump BPM gaps quite seamlessly, Got a couple of mixes to do any day now, so I can have a good practice and see for sure.