Bought SC5000m without platter... where do I get one?

Yo guys! Today I bought a SC5000m on Reverb and it is missing the aluminium platter. Now I am wondering: where do I get a platter? It looks like there aren’t any sold on the internet. Do I have to ask the Denon support for this part? It seems pretty weird to me that stuff like that doesn’t seem to be available anywhere, so I guess I’m just missing something. Sorry if this is a dumb question I just switched from Pioneer and I have absolutely no idea how getting spare parts is handled here :smiley:

I hope someone can help me with this… thanks in advance

Don’t know much about the platter of the M version. But it’s seems here you can buy it

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Since you are from Germany, you can also give Thomann a try. I bought some spare parts from them. You have to write the support of them directly and they give you an offer.

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I didn’t have the slipmat for the 5000M in the box and they were able to send me one out from the UK.

I live in the same county (Hampshire) as inMusic UK and once they got around to it only took a few days.

I made a request via support and it did take a while but eventually they got back to me and followed up. I think it was about six weeks in total.

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