Bought New Prime 4+. Not Resolume support?

Resolume cant find Prime4+, Its not supported? Old Prime 4 is supported , why not the+? Next update? I bought the + thinking on Resolume and now cant use Resolume, very dissapointed for the moment…

You need to be asking Resolume. They’re the ones adding support.

However, it is a brand new product, so maybe they’ll add support at some point.

You can still use Resolume via Ableton Link if you need things in sync (assuming Link hasn’t been removed from the +).


Are you using Arena?

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Thanks Ableton link still works.

Yes Im using Arena

The latest update for resolume was July 3rd. Support may come in the next update. I would toss a support ticket to resolume to verify.

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here on the end of the side, are the supported Devices. I know that during the first weeks of the sc6000 it was not included in the list and therefore did not work. Same thing with prime 4+. I dont think i saw on any advertisement or product page the mentioning of Resolume conectivity at this point. Therefore it is at the moment a false assumption. But as with every other product of denon, it got the resolume option. Shouldnt take that long

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Apparently Resolume (Arena only I guess) now supports Prime 4+

This is listed as a part of newly released Engine 3.3 update.