Bose L1 Pro 32 with Sub 2

Getting the itch to buy something sleek.

I have a pair of EV EKX 12p + 15 sub which I’m thinking of retiring. Need something compact and easy on the back.

I have been looking at the Bose L1 pro 32 and Sub 2 reviews online. They look good.

Does anyone here have these units?

If yes, how are you finding them?

Can’t speak for the L1’s, but I have brought the little S1 Pro to use as a monitor on some gigs.

I’m really pleased with it. As a monitor it cuts through really well. Plus it’s tiny, …main reason for buying, as it means I can travel on the train with it to one of my regular gigs.

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I tested 4 column systems!

Bose L1 - Pro16 is starting to be expensive for what it is, the system runs out of steam quickly, that is to say that for no reason after 3/4 hours of use at 0db the sound level is slightly reduced and a little distortion begins to be audible, the sound is clean “hifi” but it will not look for high performance and the power is not linear. (I haven’t tried the Pro 32, because it wasn’t available yet! It’s different, the head has 32 driver, I’m not a fan of the sub, which is independent).

Yamaha K1 less expensive and a little more punchy but not very powerful with a more or less decent performance and ditto for sound quality (but can do better!), but the protection is not there, you will have to be careful ! Looking forward to a more powerful system!

EV Evolve 50 was my FAVORITE! With many advantages power, efficiency, parametric sound level adjustment for Bass, Sub, Mid and High, limiter, anti-feedback system without cutoff with customizable frequency adjustment and value for money. (Accessories a little expensive!)

LD System Maui 44 G2 a monster in every sense of the word weight, power, performance, expensive and with a good equalization setting and the parametric setting offered we will have a just magnificent sound whether indoors or outdoors.

Bose… it’s good if you always have the same room volume, or if you don’t need very high power and not exceeding 90% of the speaker’s gain level or even 95% but really not beyond !!! otherwise you will have the famous loss of performance after a certain time of use (perhaps a firmware will be made available to correct this, patches had been made available for the S1 Pro speakers, they will do without doubt the same for this range or not ???) to really take advantage of the quality and potential of the Bose system you should add the ToneMatch, but for djing it starts to make additional elements.

Outside the column system:

The DB Technologie 1203 is rather hefty in terms of power and performance and the sound quality is very decent, it can be used as a small 2.1 system or even more if you buy two systems and the RCF Evox 12 and very well too.

It depends on the use we want to make of it and also on the tastes in terms of sound, we don’t all have the same ear! Ideally it will be necessary to compare and listen to the different systems in a shop which preferably has a room with a large volume to realize the power and performance.

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I had bought the F1 system as soon as it was released and it’s true that it really wasn’t bad at all! But at present we do much better for less! :blush:

On the other hand, do not do like me “impulse purchases” lol especially if it is to resell it afterwards! “By the way… I still don’t know why, I sold it!?” :pensive:

I took advantage of having worked in a brand to have it at the retail price (Star’s Music) and I had tested other sound systems, which I bought and then sold as well and there I stayed with the Ev Evolve 50, I would have liked to have bought the Maui 44 G2, but the complete system is too big for my vehicle and the subwoofers are very heavy.