Booze spilled on my right pitch fader, still works but is very sticky

last week I was at a party and an idiot managed to spill a small amount of champagne on my controller right side of the controller at the pitch fader, everything seems to work so far but that fader is very sticky, anyone have any ideas how to fix this or get this working more smooth again ?

at DENON DJ if I send the controller to you for checking, and or replacement of necessary parts is this possible? Or will it be that expensive that we better start thinking about buying a new one instead? the party that has spilled wants to pay for the costs if repair can be done, of course.

Would love feedback from people with similar experiences.

as said the controller still works for the time being, but for the same money it will be different in the future because it has become wet internally.

waste of my money that way

Deoxit fader cleaner might help

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You can build it out, and clean it like Coll.k mentioned. But I would preffer to build out the crossfader for that. It´s saver to not damage the device more. It´s saved by the 2 screws outside and is connected with one cable.

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@DJDark Pitch fader … not cross fader

Uhhh … okay … then it´s more problematic :frowning:

Then I would recomment the service way. Because if you would clean it with Deoxit fader cleaner, there is too much danger, that you do more damage, when you leave it inbuild.

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What’s up @Bamee,

That stinks!

DJ RULE #16: Keep all idiots with drinks away from your electronics! Sure they might be ‘cute’ or ‘cool’ but it’s not worth letting them get close to your equipment. I’m a total A$$ when it comes to my stuff and let no one get near with anything liquid.

With that said:

Reach out to Denon DJ support. I don’t think that the pitch fader is user replaceable but it’s worth shooting them a message.

Good luck!

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