Booth output xone 96

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Just a quick cable question, please excuse my lack of know how. But Im using trs to xlr cables for the booth outlet on xone 96 mixer to pioneer vm80s. I seem to be getting abit of minor distortion which havent really noticed before when using the x1850. Its not bad or anything and just wondered if I should be using a TS to xlr instead or if it doesnt actually matter.

Thanks in advance

You should use TRS to XLR, the booth output on Xone96 is symmetrical. Check Your cables and connectors. Cheap cables could cause some issues. As for distortion - how are Your levels looking like on the mixer and how is the input gain set up on the monitors?

Currently using roland black series cables trs to xlr. Levels look ok, although I have got the gain on the monitors right up but Im not pushing the level on the booth volume control on the mixer at all. Ill check all connectors dial back monitor gain some and see if that helps, perhaps new cables as those ones Ive had for ages, any cable recommendations welcome.

Thanks very much.

You need to set the speaker gains lower to 0dB. If they are all the way up, then You give them too much signal, when You run mixer at 0dB. Also it is important to understand that Xone 96 is an analog mixer without a limiter, and X1800/1850 are digital mixers with a limiter build in. This also will have a lot of effect on the gains and outputs.

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Better to have the monitors turned down and the mixer turned up (without going to clipping-area of course) than the other way around, to keep the “noise to signal” ratio as good as possible :blush: also that way you don’t end up blowing your ears off if you accidentally turn up the volume too loud on the mixer.



In layman terms: the gain on an active speaker also amplifies te noise that is induced in the cable.

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