Booth Output Not Receiving Signal


I’m having an issue using the Booth Outputs on my DN-X1600. I get NO signal whatsoever. I checked the Booth settings under the “Utility” section, and it was set to “OFF”, so I set it to “ON”. I re-started the mixer, still no signal. What am I missing?

Just to check, were you testing the output by tapping a microphone or with music output ?

I played Music, I tried Both decks.

What is the other hardware used and how is it connected to the mixer? What speakers are used for booth output and how are they connected? Have you tried connecting them to another output and using other cables?

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I don’t mean this in any way other than trying to help but, as well as the booth in/off settings in the presets menu there’s also a rotary control for booth volume on the top of the mixer. Is that up?

Yes, I turned it all the way up and never touched it since…

hmmmm two things that come to mind.

  1. What are you feeding into from the Booth Outputs eg: A powered speaker, an amplifier, an unpowered speaker, a recording device etc?

  2. Are you using mono or stereo leads out of -each- of the Booth output sockets.

Right now, I’m just looking for a signal response so all that is hooked up are the decks via Serato SL3 box, and my powered speakers, connected via 1/4-inch jacks. I even bypassed the SL3 box and connected my decks straight into phono with regular 12-inch vinyl…Same problem.

Now, I’m using 1/4-inch leads straight to my powered speaker. At first I was connecting the 1/4-inch leads to a single 1/8-inch lead to use on my laptop for online streaming. Mono leads coming out of the Booth sockets…

1/4" booth outputs on the X1600 are balanced outputs for TRS jacks, if you are using mono leads that means they are unbalanced (TS).

I suggest using TRS to TRS/XLR balanced cables to plug into your speakers if they don’t have unbalanced inputs like RCA