Bluetooth and wi-fi on sc5000

in the sc5000 technical manual of assistance they have bluetooth, wi-fi and HDMI, will we have any surprises with any of these devices?

MT0703240 Copper Plate 1 (MS1-8) …2 OTAP6335 Wifi/Bluetooth IC Module 1 U41 …2 OTSMA03036G0R1 Tnov Receptacle Connector 1 Y1 …2 RS000004J06 RESISTOR 0Ω 5% SMD 1206 12 R1,58,107,108,116,125,126,129,130,173,174,


Hello. Can I stream Bluetooth from a SC6000M to a JBL Partybox 100? How do I do this. Regards, Charles

There’s no current Bluetooth functions

Also sending audio wirelessly from the mixer to speakers is going to cause lagging/legacy/delay to the sound - making it almost impossible to mix with, even with effects added

There is a Bluetooth protocol that can send/receive with only 16ms latency (same latency as a phase dj setup) However I don’t see denon going the Bluetooth direction.

If anyone is interested in a networked wireless pa setup check out SKAA.

Then why would they fit Bluetooth components? Components cost money, so fitting them adds to the cost of the product. Why do that if they don’t plan to use them?

FYI there’s a 110 page FCC document that details all the wireless stuff.

Because embedded ‘comunications’ chip is both wifi and bluetooth - being based on a rockship computer-on-module. Many (most?) modern wifi chips/cards are bluetooth and wifi.

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In this day and age it’s all about size, style, and copy. Bluetooth and wifi are now generic and come hand in hand.

This means it would cost more to manufacture single purpose chips than the multipurpose generic standard ones.

Hope that helps :joy:

MIDI over Bluetooth is capable of offering a professional low latency solution for musicians and producers.

Lots of articles online…

Thinking of SC6000M output to Denon PMA-30 Input which then provides the Bluetooth. Can anyone tell me if this will work?

It will work - any digital or analog signal can be running to PMA30, but latency is too big for djing. Anyway, where is Your mixer then?

Anyone have photos of boards inside sc5000?

Which ones? Or what part were you trying to see?