Bluetooth addition in 3.4

A great addition to the hardware, thank you! Is it possible to switch between connected devices, for streaming? I have added a phone, iPad and Mac, but have to disconnect and reconnect to get one of the others streaming. It would be nice to do this within the hardware itself? I have dance teachers who often have their own playlists so connecting their device to stream is great via Bluetooth- but then want to switch back to my backup device also connected by Bluetooth.

Morning, an off the cuff response here as I have not double checked what I am writing but my experience a couple of days ago. I was able to move between my iPhone and Mac when bluetoothing Spotify (due to convenience). As long as they are on the same WiFi network it’s not a problem or inconvenience except for the changeover time (20/30 secs with a good signal). If not the same network (mobile WiFi or hotspoting) then a few more connectivity hoops in the WiFi settings.

Not sure about seamless changeover (my mind doubts it but not checked). More tecky colleagues may have something to add). Is a slight time lag a deal breaker in your example?

What does what wifi network the devices are on have to do with the bluetooth connection? That’s completely separate no?

They’re part of the same WiFi module. Generally they’re usually combined.