Block Screen prime 4

Locks in Prime 4. I have read that some have had problems at times, and the truth is that I have not had any in the last two years, until yesterday. I will try to give all the data in case it helps the @denon staff to investigate… Prime 4 3.3 wifi disconnected, soundswich active Whith dongle, lists exported correctly as usual. The crash occurred when loading a 75-minute session in wav format from the sessions folder on my HDD, the computer crashed and not even the shutdown button worked, no error information on the screen, restarting from the power outlet started up correctly again , and I tried again and it behaved the same, after the new restart, loading normal songs worked without problems. I’ve also noticed that lately when working with wav or AIFF files, there are some visual blockages in the screen waveform, which do not affect the sound. I hope it can help with the research they are doing on these… I don’t know if I should call them Bugs, but it is true that with the 320 MP3s in the rest of my collection I have never had any errors. Is it possible that when trying to load the grid of such a large file, the computer becomes saturated? If so, it would be a solution, to disconnect the analysis for such large files (more than an hour in wav format) and thus solve it, I hope you do your tests… for the freezing of the screen, well for now it is just a visual scare, the good thing is that the music never stops…Thank you

Hmmmmm I wonder if that might have something to do with it