Blinking Sync Button - What's it supposed to mean?

If I start one deck playing, then press Sync, the Sync button of course lights up, and the deck assumes the master.

If I then go to another deck and start it playing the Sync button blinks. I also can’t hit Master, it doesn’t do anything. But it seems like the deck is in fact pitch synced up with the master deck.

If I then hit Sync on that second deck, the Sync button stops blinking, and I can hit Master and it’ll assume the master role.

This “blinking Sync button” behavior doesn’t seem to be documented.

All that the manual mentions is:

  1. Sync/SyncOff:Press this button to activate Sync. To sync two or more SC6000 PRIME units, press Sync on the unit that you want to control the BPM, which becomes the “master.” After Sync is activated on that unit, press Sync on any additional units. The tempo of each unit will immediately synchronize to match the tempo of the master unit. To deactivate Sync, press the Sync button again, or press and hold Shift and press Sync, depending on the setting of Sync Button Action in the Preferences.
  2. Master: Press this button to set this SC6000 PRIME unit as the one that controls the master tempo. All connected SC6000 PRIME units with Sync activated will use this tempo. If you stop the “master” SC6000 PRIME, the next- longest-playing SC6000 PRIME in the setup will automatically become the new “master” (unless you change it manually).

Can someone describe what this behavior indicates exactly?

i could be wrong (decks are currently in cases)

blinking sync button implies - the bpm (tempo) is in sync (the same tempo) but not beat matched

you can test by touching platter of one of decks after you do a sync.

Hmm, that’s a nice hypothesis but I can’t seem to get it to stop blinking when they are beat matched (without hitting that Sync button).

are you beatmatching manually?

you know the circular icon on the screen…what does it show on the blinking deck?

(the decks are configured for a sync mode of “beat”, by the way).

  1. I hit play, the second decks Sync button is blinking. The screen is showing the open green circle.
  2. The decks appear tempo synced, and I can adjust the second decks platter to beat match the tracks.
  3. If I now hit the blinking Sync button on that second deck, it stops blinking, and I now see on the screen the green circle with the vertical bar in the center.

So there is the answer

Blinking sync means the BPM is the same but just not beat matched.

Open Green Circle = Tempo/BPM sync i.e the tempo of the 2 decks are the same, but not auto beat matched

Circle with the Line in the centre = Tempo (BPM) sync and Beats are auto matched (depending on beatgrid)

If you manually line up the beats it will still continue blinking despite its audibly beat matched…hope that makes some sense

You can test further by

  • On solid sync, touch the platter slightly to intentionally slow down one deck, knocking it out of sync, you should get the blinking sync and the icon will change to the open circle (no middle line)
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Interesting. So if the decks are set up for “bar” matching, they will auto sync the beats?

You’d think when the grid are manually aligned it would detect that and stop flashing.

Interesting design choice.

Bar will Match the beginning of the Bar

Beats will match to the nearest beat (nearest grid line)

Tempo will match the bpms (no grid or bar taking into consideration)

Things to know

  1. CUE is not part of this process

  2. Only HOTCUES and PLAY is part of the sync process.

An example

  1. Press play on Deck 1
  2. Press Sync on Deck 1
  3. Load a track on Deck 2
  4. Press Sync on Deck 2 (Solid Green should appear and the Circle with the stick)
  5. Now Press Play on Deck 2

Result: Deck 2 will play in beat and in time with Deck 1

eg if you press PLAY late, Deck 2 will jump forward to catch Deck 1’s Bar and vice versa if you press play ahead of the beat on Deck 2

Mud? Clear?

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I think it’s clear. If Sync is flashing, it’s tempo synced, but the deck isn’t guaranteeing anything more beyond that.

If you hit Sync again, now Sync stops flashing, and the deck is guaranteeing (well, as good as the beat grids are) that the selected mode is enforced (Bar/Beat/Tempo).


Does anybody use Sync on their players. I never have done with the Denons or the Pioneers when I had them. The BPM counter tells you the BPM and you just slide the other pitch adjust on the other deck to the same BPM. This Immediately makes sync obsolete in my opinion. The beats are matched the tracks are in time. How would sync benefit you after this.??.

Not really sure what you’re supposed do with the feature after the above. And in all honestly the feature Performs terribly on both players it never really holds the beats Continuously You always end up moving the platter because the tracks drift apart.

It’s just another tool in your tool belt.

If the beat grids are accurate, it absolutely will not drift.

Using it for just simple A/B mixing is overkill. Where I find it nice is when layering and looping. You can run a loop for minutes over a track and you don’t have to babysit it.

And yes, I know how to beat match by ear on real vinyl.

Weird how you’re finding it so accurate. I posted a comment on this forum a few months back about the sync feature. I looped a 32 beat bar of the same track in sync and eventually it did drift slightly I had to give the platter a nudge to keep the beats in sync was the exact same on the CDJ2000’s too so not even knocking Denon. I just think the feature is a load rubbish.

I might try changing the sync options mentioned above see if that helps. But never really use it so….

What genre are you playing?

I play house and techno, so auto-beatgridding works well and is very accurate.

Hello… Im new to this forum and have just got the Prime 4+. Been a Traktor user with my old Denon controller. Liking the Engine OS on the Prime so far. However, I noticed that whenever a track is loaded up and played. The Sync button needs to be pressed each time. This feels like an extra step instead of it being auto. Is this how Engine OS handles SYNC with this extra step which is quite cumbersome when mixing 4 decks. Wondering if anyone knows of a workaround - or perhaps I’m missing something? Thanks!

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