Bestport link applicable taxes

Hi all, I’m in UK and am on the £10.99 package that has streaming but no offline locker. I’ve just been charged £14. I know there are ‘applicable taxes’ not sure they would be wouid a quarter though. How much are other people being charged?

I think it is wrong that a service which can be accessed from any country in the world be more costly to people in some countries m.

Of course if everyone moans about it, they’ll just put the prices up in the cheaper countries to match the cost of the highest price inc taxes.

Yeah it’s a shame the way they price it I have it and I think it’s great with the Denon gear.Only gripe I have is they need to have the sound quality improved but I’m sure that will come and they need to be same quality as tidals hifi subscription

To be fair though they have reimbursed a month’s subs and I’ve got 30 days free. They billed me in dollars when it should of been uk pounds.

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